About Darimo

Darimo.co.uk was founded by Dan Morgan in 2019 and is a website that is dedicated to bringing independent reviews and guides that are only relevant to those living in the UK. Unlike other websites, we only review products available for the UK market. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect product or service to only find out that it is not available in the UK.

Each and every piece of content that gets posted on the site has gone through various vetting stages. It can take several weeks per article due to the amount of research undertaken but also the fact that we purchase some of the products ourselves.

This is what makes Darimo unique and trustworthy as we are able to go into much further detail with precise facts and opinions. You can read more about our processes below.

We are a small team that are based in the Welsh capital of the United Kingdom, which of course is Cardiff. If you are in the area, you are more than welcome to come visit us for a coffee or two! You can get in touch using our contact form or emailing us directly at the following address.

Who are Darimo

Our Process

We take great pride of our extensive testing of products that we review. It can take several weeks for us to produce content due to this testing. Unlike other websites that simply pump out content, we research the market, find the best of what is available and begin our testing. Each and every one of the articles posted on Darimo.co.uk are written by our team. We do not use any third parties to produce content, which ensures we are able to maintain our high standards.

If you are trying to find a product that we are yet to review, please send us a message. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive buying guide for each and every problem.

What we do at Darimo

What is in it for us?

You are probably wondering what we get out of all of our hard work. In short, we receive a small commission upon any resulting sales. This comes at no extra cost to you and doesn't affect out opinions on product quality.

If the reader returns the product, we do not receive any commission. Feel free to read more via our affiliate disclouse.

It is not in our interest to recommend products that do not solve our readers problems. We are dedicated to putting our readers requirements first and to solve as many product related problems as possible.

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