The Best Ab Roller 2021

An ab roller wheel is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their core strength at home. Using a simple forward and backward motion, you can achieve excellent results but be warned, it’s a lot harder than it looks!

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Best Ab Roller
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The best ab roller is the H&S Trainer, which uses dual wheel to glide effortlessly along the floor. It also comes with a training pad for knee support for extra bang for your buck. If you are looking for something a bit more special, the premium Perfect Fitness Carver Pro features added resistance and back roll assistance.

Ab Roller Comparison

Ab RollerWheelsKnee Pad
H&S Trainer2Yes
Perfect Fitness Carver Pro1Yes
Proiron Extra Wide4Yes
Amonax Convertible2Yes
SKLZ Core Wheels2 x 2No
Ganzton Trainer2Yes

Although not an essential item, a training mat or knee pad is highly recommended to use alongside your ab roller. Without one, you may feel some pain in your knees as you begin to move forwards and backwards with the roller.

Below is a list of the best ab roller wheels that provide superior stability and effortlessly glide along the floor.

The Best Ab Roller

1. H&S Ab Exercise Roller

H&S Ab Exercise Roller
By far the most popular ab roller on the market is by the H&S brand and it comes complete with a training mat. Although lightweight (340 grams), it’s designed to withstand plenty of weight and effortlessly glide along the floor.

Other features of the H&S Ab Roller include:

  • Dual glide wheels
  • 30 cm wide
  • 15 cm wheel diameter
  • Supplied with knee pads and a training mat
  • Weighs just 340 grams
  • Easy to assemble out of the box

The H&S Ab Roller ticks all the boxes and even comes with a training mat for extra bang for your buck. The lightness and compact size also means that it can be taken with you whenever you are on your travels too.
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2. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller
One of the most expensive ab rollers on the market is the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. It has a distinctive wide design that features built-in resistance, which increases the activation of your core and abdominal muscles.

Another unique feature of this ab roller is the fact that it provides assistance as you roll back. The benefit of this is that it enables you to extend further and reduce the pressure on your lower back as you are rolling back.

Other features of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro include:

  • Ergonomic performance grips
  • Carbon steel spring for resistance
  • Supplied with foam knee pads
  • Ultra-wide single wheel for stability
  • Backed by a one year warranty

Although expensive, it’s the ultimate ab roller that provides a core workout like no other. The addition of the roll-back assistance is another great benefit and is a perfect answer for those that suffer from back pain whilst using standard rollers.
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3. Proiron Abdominal Roller Wheel

Proiron Abdominal Roller Wheel
For those that have had troubles with stability, the Proiron ab roller is a great option with a unique design. It uses four wheels and a wide structure for superior stability as you are moving forwards and backwards.

Other features of the Proiron Roller include:

  • Unique 4 wheel design
  • Easily foldable for storage
  • Stainless steel bar
  • Pressure is evenly spread across all 4 wheels
  • Silently glides across all types of flooring
  • Thickened and non-slip foam handle
  • Supplied with a knee pad

Overall, the Proiron 4 Wheeled Roller is by far the best ab roller for stability and is perfect for heavier users due to the additional wheels and wide structure.
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4. Amonax Ab Wheel Roller

Amonax Ab Wheel Roller
One of the cheapest ab rollers that’s actually worth buying is the Amonax Wheel. Unlike other cheap options on the market, the brand back their roller with an impressive two year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the Amonax Wheel include:

  • Traction tread to prevent slipping
  • Extra thick foam handles for comfort
  • Max user weight rated at 150 KG
  • Supplied with a knee pad
  • Easy to assemble out of the box
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty

The Amonax Wheel is by far the best cheap ab roller that cannot be beaten on price and offers great quality for the money. Unlike similar priced alternatives, it has a stronger wheel frame and uses premium quality rod to support the weight of the user. The fact that it comes with a two year warranty is a clear indication that it’s built to last.
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5. SKLZ Core Ab Trainer

SKLZ Core Ab Trainer
Rather than using a single roller wheel, you can test yourself further using dual wheels, which gives you the opportunity to carry out different movements. The SKLZ Core Wheels are the most popular dual wheel option that are built to the highest of standards and are suitable for a range of exercises.

Other features of the SKLZ Dual Ab Wheels include:

  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Supplied with a training guide
  • Constructed of a durable plastic
  • Finished in an attractive bright yellow

The only main drawback of these ab roller wheels is their expensive price tag but they are a premium option that won’t disappoint. The dual wheels also allows you to move in all directions for a more testing full body workout.
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6. GANZTON Ab Roller Wheel

GANZTON Ab Roller Wheel
Another premium and unique ab roller is by the GANZTON brand. It’s a triangular support design that’s constructed of aluminium, ABS plastic and is deigned to provide a highly stable movements.

Other features of the GANZTON Roller Wheel include:

  • Compact and foldable for storage
  • Anti-skid wheels
  • Detachable and ergonomic handles
  • Includes a knee pad
  • Easy to use and assemble

The GANZTON Ab Roller Wheel is a high quality option that enables you to move forward and back with superior stability. Every component of its construction has been built to last and it won’t disappoint.
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Rather than constantly doing sit ups, planks or crunches, you could spice up your workout routine using an ab roller. They are an affordable yet highly effective device for improving your core strength. Although they look easy to use, they do need to be used correctly to achieve the best results. Within this article, we have recommended a wide array of designs that are suitable for both beginner or more advanced users.

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