The Best Baby Bouncer 2021

One of the most popular products that parents buy for newborns to toddlers are baby bouncers. They are the best way to help your baby relax and even entertain with many additional features such as, soothing vibrations, music, toys and more.

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Best Baby Bouncer
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Baby bouncers are designed to keep your baby entertained and relaxed with a gentle spring motion. They are available in a wide range of designs and features that include vibrations, music, detachable toy bars and more.

The best baby bouncer is the BABYBJÖRN Soft Balance Bouncer, which is available in multiple color options and provides proper head and back support for your baby.

Baby Bouncer Comparison

Baby BouncerTypePower
BABYBJÖRN Soft BalanceSeatRequires No Power
Fisher Price Infant-To-Toddler ChairSeatBatteries
Chicco HooplaSeatRequires No Power
Ingenuity Cradling BouncerSeatBattery
4moms mamaRoo 4.0SeatAC Adapter
Tiny Love 3-in-1SeatBattery
BabaBing FloatSeatRequires No Power
Red Kite Baby Linen CozySeatBattery
The Original Jolly JumperDoorRequires No Power
Munchkin Bounce and PlayDoorRequires No Power

Baby bouncers offer multiple benefits and are designed to hold and support your baby securely. Whether you need to put your baby down for a short period to make a cup of tea or help them relax, they are the perfect product.

Below is a list of the best baby bouncers that include a wide range of extra features such as soothing vibrations, calming music, fun toys and much more.

The Best Baby Bouncer

1. BABYBJÖRN Soft Balance Bouncer

The BABYBJÖRN Soft Balance Bouncer is a highly rated option that provides proper head and back support. Although expensive, it’s built to the highest of standards and is suitable for new born to 2 year old toddlers.

In order to best suit your requirements, the brand offer the choice of a mesh, cotton/jersey and cotton construction, which are all similarly priced.

Other features of the BABYBJÖRN Soft Balance Bouncer include:

  • Ergonomic with back and head support
  • Suitable for new born to 2 years
  • Choice of three height positions
  • Intuitive transport mode
  • Seat is machine washable
  • Five colour options available
  • Folds flat ready for storage
  • All materials meet the OEKO-TEX Standard

The Swedish BABYBJÖRN brand are known for their high quality products and this baby bouncer is a great example. The attention to detail and long lasting design ensures that it’s a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint.

Depending upon your budget, it’s the best baby bouncer you can buy that provides a natural rocking movement without the use of batteries.
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2. Fisher Price Baby Bouncer Chair

Fisher Price produce a wide range of baby bouncers and this model targets parents requiring an affordable option. It’s designed to be used from infant to toddlers up to 18 KG and it comes with two comfortable reclining positions, vibrations and is easily adjusted.

An intuitive feature of this baby bouncer is the fact that it can be converted into a stationary chair. This makes it far more versatile than many of the alternative bouncers available on the market.

Other features of the Fisher Price Bouncer Chair include:

  • Deep cradle seat with a 3 point restraint
  • Button to enable vibrations
  • 2 position recline
  • Removable toy bar
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Foldout kickstand for stationary use

It’s important to note that you will require batteries to use the vibration modes of this baby bouncer chair.

The Fisher Price Bouncer Chair offers excellent value for the money with the combination of a rocking motion and vibrations. It also has an intuitive design that doubles up as a stationary chair for use when they are older.
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3. Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer

The Chicco Hoopla is a fully adjustable baby bouncer that is suitable from birth to 18 KG. Included with the bouncer are three stimulating hanging toys and instructions to assemble the bouncer from the box.

To maximize the usability of this baby bouncer, it folds completely flat with ease and has integrated travel straps for carrying it around.

Other features of the Chicco Hoopla include:

  • Durable and comfortable polyester construction
  • Available in a dark grey or light blue/ocean colour
  • Padded seat that is 45 cm wide
  • Can be used in fixed or rocking mode
  • Colourful toys attached to the toy bar
  • Safety harness with a padded crotch strap

Overall, it’s an easy to use and transport baby bouncer that is available at a relatively affordable price. Compared to many of the alternatives, Chicco has ensured the Hoopla bouncer is easy to transport and take anywhere.
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4. Ingenuity Morrison Cradling Bouncer

Another popular brand that produce a variety of bouncer is Ingenuity. This Morrison model is their affordable option that comes packed full of features for the best experience for your baby.

Such features include soothing vibrations, 7 relaxing melodies and an ergonomic position that can be easily adjusted.

Other features of the Ingenuity Morrison Cradling Bouncer include:

  • Requires batteries for vibrations and melodies
  • Available in two different styles
  • Removable toy bar with two plush toys
  • Comfortable cushion supports
  • Cushioned foot rest and side supports
  • Non-skid feet upon the frame
  • Easy to use volume controls
  • Automatically switches off

The Morrison baby bouncer by the Ingenuity brand is an excellent all-round option that ticks all the boxes. Included in the box are the instructions, seat frame, seat pad and toy bar, which are easy to install.
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5. 4moms mamaRoo 4.0 Bouncer

For those looking for the ultimate baby bouncer, the 4moms mamaRoo 4.0 is the best option. It has been designed to replicate the parents natural motion and will bounce up or down and sway side to side.

A standout feature of this baby bouncer is the Bluetooth connectivity from your smart device. This allows you to control the motion, sound, speed and volume of the bouncer without disturbing baby.

Other features of 4moms mamaRoo 4.0 include:

  • Bluetooth enabled for maximum control
  • Built-in sound and MP3 plug in
  • Choice of 5 different motions
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Rubberized control buttons
  • No tools required for the installation
  • Seat fabrics are easily removed and machine washable
  • Powered via an AC adapter (no batteries)

The 4moms mamaRoo 4.0 is the best baby bouncer you can buy but you must be preprared to pay the price. However, the excellent build quality and Bluetooth control make it worth paying the extra.
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6. Tiny Love 3-in-1 Newborn Baby Bouncer

The Tiny Love is a 3-in-1 bouncer that can switch from a rocking/bouncing motion to a reclined or upright position. The brand state that it’s suitable for new born babies up until they are 9 KG in weight.

It’s an electronic baby bouncer that is battery powered for using the electronic toy features, light and music.

Other features of the Tiny Love 3-in-1 include:

  • Soft and padded seat inlay
  • Adjustable support leg
  • Optional battery powered vibration
  • 3-point safety harness
  • Suitable for babies up to 9 KG
  • Adjustable arm that turns 90 degrees
  • Available in multiple color options

The Tiny Love baby bouncer is packed full of features with the aim to keep your baby entertained and relaxed. Compared to alternatives with similar functionality, it’s far cheaper and comes with multiple style options too.
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7. BabaBing Float Baby Bouncer

The BabaBing Float is an affordable baby bouncer with a Nellie The Elephant design, which looks very stylish. Unlike other cheap alternatives, it comes with the desirable toy bar and two different coloured elephants.

One of the standout features of this baby bouncer is that it weighs just 1 KG, which makes it much easier to transport.

Other features of the BabaBing Float Baby Bouncer include:

  • Detachable toy bar
  • Includes two plush toys
  • Nellie The Elephant design
  • All fabric can be machine washed
  • 3-point safety harness
  • BSEN12790:2009 compliant

The BabaBling Float is a cheap and highly effective baby bouncer that won’t disappoint. The unique Nellie The Elephant theme is a great design element and it also comes with two matching elephant toys.
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8. Red Kite Baby Linen Cozy Bouncer

The Red Kite Cozy Bouncer is a popular option that provides multiple soft vibration options and the ability to play relaxing melodies. The brand state that its been designed for both relaxing and play time for newborn babies.

Other features of the Red Kite Cozy include:

  • Super comfortable chair with padded support
  • Adjustable 3-point safety harness
  • Non-slip feet for additional safety
  • Suitable for new borns
  • Detachable toy bar with plastic toys
  • Easy to operate musical and vibration options

The Red Kite Cozy is a high quality baby bouncer for very little money. The combination of the fun toys, soothing music and vibrations allows your baby to relax and have fun at the same time.
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9. The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Door Bouncer

An alternative style to the standard baby chair bouncer is one that clamps to the door frame. The Jolly Jumper brand state that their bouncer is ideal for any child in the pre-walking stage. By using this bouncer, the brand claim it will help improve their balance and strengthen their muscles for further development.

Installation of this bouncer is fairly straightforward as it comes with a dedicated clamps that is suitable for all door frames.

Other features of the Jolly Jumper Bouncer include:

  • Gives babies complete freedom of movements
  • Promotes natural breathing
  • Helps build strength, balance and coordination
  • Firm support for baby’s spine
  • Suitable for babies 3 months of older
  • Supports a maximum weight of 13 KG

The Original Jolly Jumper is by far the best baby bouncer that clamps to the door frame and provides plenty of support for the baby’s spine. Although it does come with a premium price tag, it’s built to the highest of standards.
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10. Munchkin Bounce and Play Baby Bouncer

An affordable door frame alternative to the Jolly Jumper is the Munchkin Bounce and Play, which is suitable for babies up to 12 KG in weight. To ensure that the baby remains supported whilst using this bouncer, the seat has comfortable padding and is designed to maintain the correct posture.

To keep the baby entertained whilst bouncing, it has two teether rings integrated into the front of the bouncer.

Other features of the Munchkin Bounce and Play include:

  • Available as a plain or Lenny the Lion design
  • Squeaky nose and crinkle mane
  • 2 teether rings at the front
  • Strong and secure door frame clamp
  • Fully supportive seat
  • Adjustable straps and back buckle
  • Suitable for babies up to 12 KG

Overall, the Munchkin Bounce and Play is an excellent all-round door frame baby bouncer that won’t disappoint. It’s fully supportive, comfortable and provide plenty of enjoyment for your baby.
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Baby bouncers are excellent for the development of your baby but they shouldn’t be used for extended use. Whether you need to pop to the toilet or simply require your hands for a task, they are ideal.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include both a chair and door frame bouncer. It’s important to note that you should only choose a bouncer that is secured to door frames if the baby can support its head.

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