The Best Bathroom Paint 2021

Unlike other rooms in your home, the bathroom is subject to excessive steam and moisture. Therefore, a dedicated bathroom paint is highly recommended as they are able to withstand the damaging effects of steam and moisture upon walls or ceilings.

Best Bathroom Paint

The best bathroom paint is the Dulux Easycare, which uses their latest “MouldTec” technology and is completely moisture and steam resistant. If you would prefer a greater selection of colours, the Johnstone’s Mid Sheen is the best alternative and is available in 13 attractive colours.

Bathroom Paint Comparison

Bathroom PaintCoverageColour(s)
Dulux Easycare13 m21
Johnstone’s Mid Sheen12 m213
Ronseal Anti Mould13 m21
Crown MouldGuard+14 m23
Dryzone Mould Resistant12 m21
Rustins Anti-Condensation7 m21

If you also have multiple tiles that need painting, many brands offer matching tile paint to match the decor of your bathroom. However, you will want to ensure that the paint used has the same resistant qualities as the bathroom paint.

Below is a list of the best bathroom paints that prevent the build-up of mould and are moisture and steam resistant.

The Best Bathroom Paint

1. Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint

Dulux Easycare Bathroom Paint
Dulux are one of the most reputable paint brands in the UK and produce a range of paints to suit all requirements. Their Easycare Bathroom Paint is one of their highest rated paints that’s 10 times tougher than their standard emulsion paint. They offer multiple colours and finishes with this particular paint but the soft sheen finish is the best option.

Other features of the Dulux Easycare include:

  • MouldTec formulation to prevent mould build-up
  • Highly durable soft sheen finish
  • Moisture and steam resistant
  • 13 m2 coverage per litre
  • Completely dry within 24 hours
  • Requires two coats
  • 2.5 litre tin capacity

The Dulux Easycare is by far the best bathroom paint that ticks all the boxes and is produced by the reputable brand for complete peace of mind. It isn’t the cheapest but the additional cost is a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.
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2. Johnstone’s 389464 Bathroom Paint

Johnstone's 389464 Bathroom Paint
Johnstone’s are another highly reputable paint brand in the UK and their bathroom mid sheen is a more affordable alternative to the Dulux Easycare. It’s suitable for both walls and ceiling within the bathroom and provides a durable finish that’s both moisture and stain resistant.

Other features of the Johnstone’s Bathroom Paint include:

  • Choice of 13 different colours
  • Mid sheen finish
  • Easily wipeable
  • 12 m2 coverage per litre
  • Touch dry in 1 to 2 hours
  • Stain and moisture resistant
  • 2.5 litre tin capacity
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling use

The fast drying bathroom paint by Johnstone’s is a great choice that’s available in many popular colours that will easily transform your bathroom. The paint also offers excellent value for the money considering it’s coverage.
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3. Ronseal Anti Mould Bathroom Paint

Ronseal Anti Mould Bathroom Paint
The Ronseal alternative is one of the best anti mould paints that’s ideal for the bathroom ceiling or walls. According to the brand, the durable finish is able to provide up to 6 years protection and is completely moisture and steam resistant.

In terms of the application, it can be applied via a brush or roller and it requires two coats for the best finish.

Other features of the Ronseal Anti Mould Paint include:

  • 13 m2 coverage per litre
  • Requires 2 hours to dry
  • Easy wipe-clean formulation
  • Provides 6 years of mould protection
  • Can be used all-round the house
  • 750 ml tin capacity

For bathrooms that struggle with the build-up of mould, the Ronseal paint is the best option. Although expensive, the six year guarantee against mould is worth paying the extra for and the paint won’t disappoint.
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4. Crown MouldGuard+ Bathroom Paint

Crown MouldGuard+ Bathroom Paint
Crown are another reputable brand in the UK that produce a variety of paints. This MouldGuard+ formula is their new and improved bathroom paint that’s designed to leave a high quality mid sheen finish.

In terms of the colour selection, the bathroom paint is available as a pure brilliant white, soft duck egg or a soft steel.

Other features of the Crown MouldGuard+ include:

  • Resists steam and condensation
  • Breathable mid sheen finish
  • Application via brush or roller
  • Choice of three colours
  • Touch dry within 2 hours
  • 14 m2 coverage per litre
  • 99% solvent free
  • 2.5 litre tin capacity

The Crown MouldGuard+ is an excellent all-round bathroom paint that ticks all the boxes. The brand also offer two highly desirable colours (soft duck egg and soft steel), which allows you to be more creative with your paint in the bathroom.
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5. Dryzone Mould Resistant Paint

Dryzone Mould Resistant Paint
The Dryzone bathroom paint is another formula that focuses upon fighting mould build-up. According to the brand, it’s a professional strength paint that’s effective even upon persistent condensation upon walls or ceilings.

Other features of the Dryzone Mould Resistant Paint include:

  • Stops the build-up of black mould
  • Fast drying formulas
  • Easily washable finish
  • 12 m2 coverage per litre
  • Low odour output
  • Mould resistance for up to 5 years
  • 1 litre tin capacity

Whether you are tackling mould upon your bathroom ceilings or in an empty cupboard, the Dryzone paint is a versatile option that won’t disappoint. It does come with a premium price tag but the brand specialize in damp proofing and the formula itself is a professional strength that can handle all bathrooms with ease.
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6. Rustins Anti-Condensation Paint

Rustins Anti-Condensation Paint
One of the cheapest bathroom paints that’s actually worth buying is the Rustins Anti-Condensation paint. It’s specifically formulated for kitchen and bathrooms and designed to reduce the damaging effects of condensation.

Other features of the Rustins Anti-Condensation Paint include:

  • Water based formula
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Low odour output
  • Matte white finish
  • 7 m2 coverage per litre
  • 1 litre tin capacity

The Rustins paint is an excellent cheap bathroom paint that reduces condensations and leaves a high quality finish. Whether you are painting your bathroom ceiling or walls, it’s a versatile and fast drying formula that won’t disappoint.
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All of our recommendations are specifically designed for use within a bathroom and include steam and moisture resistant quality. Although standard paints will look fine for a few months, overtime they will begin to bubble, stain or hold mould. It’s always worth spending a small amount more for a dedicated bathroom paint .

For those that are struggling with mould in particular, it may be worth purchasing a new bathroom extractor fan. This helps to remove as much moisture in the air as possible and reduce the build-up of mould upon the walls or ceilings.

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