The Best Caravan Covers 2021

Using a caravan cover will reduce the amount of time spent cleaning off dirt and is the best option for protection. They are available in a range of designs that provide full coverage or simply protect the front, roof or hitch of the caravan.

Best Caravan Covers

Caravan covers are available to suit a range of different sizes for a good fit all-round. However, other factors such as a breathable cover that is heavy duty and easy to use are just as important.

The best caravan cover is the CoverPRO Premium, which uses a breathable 4 ply construction that is easy to attach and provides superior protection.

It is not just the bad weather that caravan covers protect against but also defects such as pollution, bugs, bird droppings and much more. They also do a great job at protecting against UV rays, which damage the paintwork and rubber seals.

Best Caravan Covers

Caravan CoversTypeLayers
CoverPRO PremiumFull Coverage4
Maypole 9533Full Coverage4
Andes Grey DeluxeFull Coverage3
Defender TowingFront4
Maypole 9266Roof3
Defender TrailerHitch4

Some caravan owners may want to save money with their own custom made cover. However, if the material is not breathable, moisture will not be able to evaporate, which will result in mold and mildew.

Premiums caravan covers will also be non-abrasive with the inside of the cover being soft. This prevents any scratches to the windows, graphics or light fittings, which is very common when using homemade or cheap covers.

Below is a list of the best caravan covers that are easy to attach and provide maximum protection against rain, UV rays and other defects.

CoverPRO Premium 4 Ply Caravan Cover

CoverPRO are a popular brand with a wide range of covers to suit most common caravan sizes. It is uses a premium 4 ply construction that is completely breathable and includes hooded vents for additional ventilation.

The brand offers this cover in numerous sizes with this particular cover being suitable for 17 to 19 feet caravans.

Other features of the CoverPRO Premium Cover include:

  • Heavy duty waterproof material
  • 4 separate zips on each corner for easy access
  • Fixed on both side with adjustable straps
  • Reflective bands to increase visibility
  • Soft white inner layer
  • Includes a matching caravan hitch cover

The CoverPRO is a high quality caravan cover that is easy to attach and strap down for a snug fit. It also offers excellent value for the money with a hitch cover and storage bag that is included.
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Maypole 9533 Caravan Cover

The Maypole 9553 is another full size caravan cover that provides superior water resistance and is ideal for winter storage. The brand have a great reputation for the build quality of their covers and the 9533 is a prime example.

Other features of the Maypole Caravan Cover include:

  • Breathable green cover with multiple sizes available
  • Nylon straps for a secure fit
  • Reflectors to maximize visibility
  • 3 zip locations for easy access
  • Includes a storage bag

Although it is one of the most expensive caravan covers within this article, it is a worthwhile investment. It doesn’t have as many zips as the CoverPRO but this can be beneficial for certain caravan designs.
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Andes Grey Deluxe Breathable Caravan Covers

The Andes Grey caravans covers are designed for those looking for a budget option. They offer a range of sizes that start from 12 feet to as large as 25 feet with the option of a grey or green material colour.

Other features of the Andes Grey Deluxe Breathable Caravan Covers include:

  • Universal caravan cover
  • Multiple sizes and two colour options
  • Triple layer protection
  • 5 adjustable straps for a snug fitting
  • Dual zips for easy access

Overall, it is a cheap caravan cover that is available in a range of sizes and colors. It will effectively protect your caravan from the British weather as well as defects such as bird droppings, pollution and much more.
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Defender Universal Caravan Towing Covers

As you are towing your caravan along the motorway or through country lanes, the front becomes covered in dirt and bugs. This is where the Defender caravan towing cover is the best option. By protecting this part of your caravan alone can prevent hours of washing hard to remove defects.

In order to improve the visibility of the caravan, this cover include 2 LED battery powered lights and 4 reflective strips.

Other features of the Defender Caravan Towing Covers include:

  • 4 ply cover construction
  • Thick and breathable material
  • Easy to use buckle system
  • Double stitched securing straps
  • Suitable for caravans under 2.5 metres wide

Overall, if you simply want to protect the front of the caravan, the defender towing caravan cover is the best option. It will effectively prevent stone damage and road debris hitting the windows, which can be expensive to repair.
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Maypole 9266 Caravan Roof Cover

Washing the front, rear and sides of the caravan is relatively easy but the roof can be a problem. Maypole have a solution for covering the roof with the 9266 cover, which provides superior protection for any caravan.

Features of the Maypole 9266 Caravan Roof Cover include:

  • Universal fit for most caravans
  • 150 denier waterproof polyester construction
  • Hydrostatic pressure tested to 1,500 mm
  • UV stable and non-abrasive
  • Elasticated straps for secure fitting
  • Nylon coated steel hooks

There are many roof covers available but none match the quality of the Maypole caravan cover. Unlike many of the alternatives, the 9266 cover has been tested to withstand large amounts of water and UV rays.
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Defender Caravan Hitch Cover

The final type of caravan cover is one that protects the hitch and is produced by the Defender brand. It is a universal fit that attaches in seconds by using the durable adjustable straps that secure to the caravans A frame.

Other features of the Defender Caravan Hitch Cover include:

  • 4 layered construction of breathable fabric
  • Reflective trim for extra visibility
  • Universal fit for most tow hitches
  • Durable fastening strap for a snug fit
  • 100% waterproof

Although there are cheaper alternatives available for covering the hitch, the Defender cover is the best option. It uses a breathable thick fabric as opposed to cheap plastic and strong adjustable webbing straps to secure the cover.
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Caravan Covers Buying Guide

Having to wash your caravan and use a caravan polish to remove defects can be very time consuming. However, if you invest into a quality caravan cover, it will protect the caravan against the bad British weather, stone or road debris during transportation and other defects.

Most caravan covers are designed to be universal with manufacturers offering various sizes to fit certain caravan lengths. Before purchasing any of the covers, its highly advised that you have the measurements of your caravan available.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding caravan covers.

Best Caravan Cover

Types of Covers

The main type of caravan cover is one that provides full coverage of the caravan. They are constructed of multiple breathable layers that cover every visible part of the caravan with adjustable straps for a secure fit.

However, not everyone will want to attach a full cover upon the caravan unless it is for winter storage. This is where other caravan covers become very beneficial.

Roof Coverage

One of the hardest places to clean is the roof of your caravan and it is the area that gathers the most amount of dirt. However, this is the main benefit of a protective and waterproof caravan roof cover. It avoids the effort of getting on top of the caravan and using a caravan cleaner.

Towing or Front Coverage

Whilst your transporting your caravan on the road, the potential for stone or road debris damage is increased. The main area for damage is the front of the caravan, which is usually a window that will be expensive to replace once damaged. By using caravan towing covers upon this section of the caravan, it reduces damage and saves the hassle of cleaning road grime or dead bugs after the road trip.

Hitch Coverage

For those that want complete protection, using a caravan hitch cover is the next step. It attaches to the A frame of the caravan and helps prevent corrosion to the hitch.

Breathable Material

The problem with most homemade or cheap caravan covers is that the materials used do not allow water to escape. This can lead to dampness, mold and mildew buildup, which can be highly frustrating and can take hours to remove.

Most premium caravan covers are constructed of multiple layers of breathable materials. This allows for any trapped water moisture to evaporate out of the thick cover.

Inner Material

The windows, graphics or light fittings can become easily scratches and its important to avoid damaging these components. If the inner material is not made from a soft, non-abrasive material, you run the risk of scratching these materials. For good practice, you should always clean the caravan prior to attaching the cover to minimize damage.

Easy Access and Fitting

To ensure that you can easily attach the cover to the caravan, most manufacturer includes multiple zips and straps. These allow you to fully strap down the cover for a snug fit, which won’t flap around in the wind and potentially cause any damage.

Depending upon the design of your caravan, many caravan covers allow for easy access to doors or windows. The access will be provided by multiple zips placed around the cover.


Once the caravan has been covered, once it becomes dark, it can be barely visible. This can cause issues but many brands will include reflective trims to provide additional visibility. Many premium options even include LED’s, which are powered by batteries.


Keeping your caravan clean and free of any defects can be a difficult task without using a caravan cover. They are designed to reduce dirt, dampness and damage with a range of covers available for each location upon your caravan.

All of the recommendations within this article are suited to a range of budgets and caravan sizes. It may be tempting to save a bit of money and make your own homemade cover but it is really not worth trying.

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