The Best Christmas Baubles 2020

Christmas baubles add the finishing touches to a tree and are available in contemporary, classic and even personalised designs. Below you will a list of different sized baubles that are suitable for all to jazz up your tree.

Best Christmas Baubles

The best Christmas baubles are the Aitsite Festive Set, which are available in packs of 24 or 100 and include a mixture of shiny, matte and glitter baubles. If you would prefer to personalise your own baubles, the Bar Amigos DIY Set is a complete kit that include stick on coloured letters, ribbons and lids.

Christmas Baubles Comparison

Christmas BaublesTypePack(s)
Aitsite SetMatte, Shiny & Glitter24 or 100
Christmas Concepts MiniMatte, Shiny & Glitter25
Christmas Workshop NordicFestive/Classic14
Pink Royal GinFillable Dimpled Glass3
Bar Amigos SetPersonalised6
Christmas Direct ShatterproofPersonalised6 to 100

Below is a list of the best Christmas baubles that are available in bulk buy packs and a range of sizes.

The Best Christmas Baubles

1. Aitsite Christmas Tree Baubles

Aitsite Christmas Tree Baubles
By far one of the most popular and cheapest baubles on the market are by the Aitsite brand. They are available as a 24 or 100 pack that include multiple styles (shiny, matte and glitter) and the choice of 4, 6 or a mix in terms of their size.

Other features of the Aitsite Christmas Baubles Set include:

  • Double plated surface
  • Durable loop for hanging
  • Available in gold, red or silver
  • 4, 6 or 4 & 6 cm baubles
  • Lightweight for all Christmas trees

The Aitsite Christmas Baubles offer outstanding value for the money and a great variation in terms of sizing and styling. If you are looking to cover your entire tree, the 100 pack is more than capable of doing so and it won’t disappoint.
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2. Christmas Concepts Decorated Christmas Baubles

Christmas Concepts Decorated Christmas Baubles
The Christmas Concepts Baubles are another popular set that are available in a huge selection of colours. According to the brand, each are shatterproof, measure 2.5 cm in size and features a gold cap with a matching string loop.

Other features of the Christmas Concepts Baubles include:

  • Choice of 22 different colours
  • Shatterproof plastic design
  • Each pack contains 25 baubles
  • Gold top with a gold string loop
  • Packs contain glitter, matte and shiny designs

The only main drawback is the size because they are quite small at just 2.5 cm. However, if you are planning on using them as addition to larger baubles or on a small tree, the Christmas Concepts baubles are more than ideal.
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3. The Christmas Workshop Nordic Baubles

The Christmas Workshop Nordic Baubles
The Christmas Workshop Nordic baubles are fairly unique as they offer a more classic design with a red and white Nordic festive scene. This makes them standout (in a good way) from others baubles on the tree.

Other features of the Christmas Workshop Nordic Baubles include:

  • Pack of 14 baubles
  • Measures 7.5 cm in circumference
  • Single red and white design
  • High quality red ribbon loop
  • Comes in a stylish git box

Overall, the classic Nordic design along with the large size make them a great choice for any Christmas tree. They are also built to the highest of standards with enhanced details and hand tied ribbon. Even the storage box that the baubles arrive in offers superior build quality.
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4. Pink Royal Gin Baubles

Pink Royal Gin Baubles
For any gin lovers that are looking for glass baubles filled with gin, the Pink Royal brand have the answer. Unlike similar alternatives on the market, the brand have made a real effort with the design, which can shown by the dimpled glass that reflect light and look great.

Other features of the Pink Royal Baubles include:

  • Pack of 3 baubles (5 cl)
  • Classic dimple glass design
  • Raspberry, blackberry and cranberry flavours
  • Gold lid with matching loop

Although expensive, the Pink Royal Baubles are a high quality set that are worth the investment. Whether you are buying them as a secret Santa present or to decorate your own tree, they will certainly go down as a success.
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5. Bar Amigos Personalised Christmas Baubles

Bar Amigos Personalised Christmas Baubles
Personalised Christmas baubles are a great way to truly tailor each and every bauble to your tree. Whether you wish to add sweets or your favourite beverage into the bauble, the choice is yours.

To begin your personalisation, you will need a starter kit and the Bar Amigos brand have the answer. Their kit comes complete with 6 baubles, stick on letters, lids and ribbons.

Other features of the Bar Amigos Personalised Baubles include:

  • Pack of 6 baubles
  • 12 mm tall gold, black or glitter letters
  • Each bauble has a 50 ml capacity
  • Gold metal caps
  • Nylon red ribbons

Overall, if you are looking to personalise your own baubles, the Bar Amigos kit is the best option that comes with everything you need. The only drawback is that they come in a pack of 6, which mean you may need multiple packs.
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6. Christmas Direct Shatterproof Plastic Baubles

Christmas Direct Shatterproof Plastic Baubles
The Christmas Direct baubles are a premium option that are designed to look like glass but they are actually made from plastic. The benefit of a plastic construction is that they are shatterproof and generally more durable. However, compared to other plastic alternatives, these are built to a much higher standard and are larger in size.

Other features of the Christmas Direct Baubles include:

  • Available in packs ranging from 6 to 100
  • Sizes range from 6.7 to 10 cm
  • Completely shatterproof design
  • Securely packed in a gift box

Overall, they are a high quality set of DIY baubles that allow you to personalise them to your exact preferences. Although they are a higher quality set when compared to the above, they do come with a premium price tag and lack the additional stick on letters. However, this allow you to be more creative to how you personalise the baubles.
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Whether you want contemporary to classic baubles, there is a whole range of options on the market. All of our recommendations include popular designs and those that you can personalise yourself. When searching the various options, it’s strongly recommended that you check the sizes as some may be smaller than you require. Small baubles are perfect for smaller trees but may look odd on large trees with bigger branches.

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