The Best Christmas Wrapping Paper 2020

When it comes to wrapping Christmas presents, it’s important that quality paper is used as well as a festive design so that it looks great under the tree. In this article, all of our recommendations are eco-friendly and can be easily recycled once used.

Best Christmas Wrapping Paper

The best Christmas wrapping paper is the Walolo Gift Wrap Set, which comes as a pack of 10 large sheets (70 x 50 cm) and features 9 unique designs. If you need to wrap large or lots of gifts, the NiceXmas Festive Roll is the best alternative, which comes with 3 rolls that are 400 cm long and offer great value per metre.

Christmas Wrapping Paper Comparison

Christmas Wrapping PaperTypePacks x Length
Walolo Gift Wrap SetSheet10 x 70 cm
NiceXmas Gift WrapRoll3 x 400 cm
Rustic Robin DesignsSheet10 x 70 cm
Bright Stem FoldedSheet6 x 60 cm
Ruspepa Kraft PaperRoll6 x 305 cm
Papillon Gift RollsRoll4 x 1,000 cm

When deciding between the different type of wrapping paper, we advise that you choose dependent upon the size of the gift you are wrapping. The larger the gift, the more paper and effort is required to wrap it.

Below is a list of the best Christmas wrapping paper that are available as sheets or rolls and multiple festive designs.

The Best Christmas Wrapping Paper

1. Walolo Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

Walolo Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper
By far one of the most popular and highly rated Christmas wrapping papers is by the Walolo brand. Each pack contains 9 different designs with festive themes and even 8 stickers for writing the recipients name.

Other features of the Walolo Wrapping Paper Set include:

  • 70 x 50 cm sheets
  • 10 wrapping sheets per pack
  • 9 festive designs
  • Suitable for recycling
  • High quality and thick construction

The only drawback is that the sheets are only 70 x 50 cm in size, which means you may struggle with larger presents. However, the wrapping paper itself is well designed and offers superior quality when compared to some of the alternatives. The muted design is also very desirable and is a change from the “standard” Christmas wrapping paper.
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2. NiceXmas Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll

NiceXmas Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll
If you would prefer the bright and standout Christmas wrapping paper, the NiceXmas Paper Rolls are perfect. The brand provide three rolls that include a flying reindeer, snowflakes and winter themed design.

Other features of the NiceXmas Wrapping Paper include:

  • Festively themed rolls
  • Pack of three
  • Thickened for durability
  • 400 x 70 cm (per roll)

The NiceXmas Christmas wrapping paper is an excellent all-round option that folds easily and is extra thick for easy wrapping of gifts. Considering the length per roll (1,200 metres in total), they also offer great value for the money too.
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3. Rustic Robin Christmas Wrapping Paper Sheets

Rustic Robin Christmas Wrapping Paper Sheets
The Rustic Robin brand specialize in gift paper and their Christmas themed wrapping paper is designed with quality in mind. It’s also completely eco-friendly as its printed on FSC certified paper, which uses fully sustainable, vegetable oil based ink along with waterless printing technology.

Other features of the Rustic Robin Wrapping Paper include:

  • Pack of 10 sheets
  • 5 different designs
  • Supplied with matching name tags
  • Measures 50 x 70 cm in size
  • Fully recyclable

Although expensive, it’s a high quality eco-friendly Christmas wrapping paper that won’t disappoint. The design features enhanced detail and the paper itself is extra thick, which helps to prevent accidental tearing whilst wrapping.
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4. Bright Stem Christmas Wrapping Paper

Bright Stem Christmas Wrapping Paper
Another brand that focus on creating eco-friendly wrapping paper is Bright Stem. All of their Christmas themed paper is made from recycled paper and even the cardboard packaging is fully recyclable.

In terms of the Christmas wrapping paper itself, each pack includes 6 unique designs that are each 50 x 70 cm in size.

Other features of the Bright Stem Recyclable Paper include:

  • Made from 100% recyclable paper
  • Pack of 6 (50 x 70 cm)
  • Unique design on each sheet
  • Can be recycled after use
  • Thick construction for easy wrapping

Overall, it’s a premium option that’s ideal for wrapping small to medium presents. The patterns on each of the designs are also highly detailed, which adds to the superior quality of the wrapping paper.
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5. Ruspepa Christmas Elements Collection

Ruspepa Christmas Elements Collection
The Ruspepa Christmas Elements Collection is another premium option that comes with a muted design. The pack comes with six rolls of wrapping paper where each features a unique festive design.

In terms of the size, each roll is 305 cm long and 76 cm wide, which is perfect for wrapping a large amount of presents.

Other features of the Ruspepa Christmas Elements Collection include:

  • Pack contains 6 rolls
  • Individually wrapped with zero creases
  • Available in red and green, black or white
  • Fully recyclable
  • 80 GSM

Overall, it’s a high quality Christmas wrapping paper that comes with the desirable muted design and a choice of three colours. Although it isn’t the cheapest, it does come in a bulk buy pack for wrapping plenty of presents.
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6. Papillon Christmas Wrapping Paper

Papillon Christmas Wrapping Paper
Another popular Christmas wrapping paper that comes in a 10 metre roll is by the Papillon brand. They offer a selection of designs (four will be selected at random) and per metre, it offers the best value when compared to the alternatives.

Other features of the Papillon Xmas Wrapping Paper include:

  • Pack of four with each being¬†10 metres long
  • Snowman, Santa, penguin & reindeer designs
  • 4 x 10 metre rolls

Overall, it’s a cheap pack of Christmas wrapping paper that won’t disappoint. The large quantity of paper make it the cheapest per metre and perfect for wrapping large quantities of presents at a low cost.
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Wrapping presents at Christmas can be an enjoyable task and a well designed paper can make all the difference once under the tree. All of our recommendations cover a range of festive designs and are available as either sheets or rolls.

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