The Best Christmas Wreaths 2021

Christmas wreaths are ideal for hanging at your front door or hallway and instantly provide festivity to your home. Whether you want a pre-lit, highly decorated or even DIY wreath, we have a great list of recommendations.

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Best Christmas Wreaths
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The best Christmas wreath is the WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Black and Silver Range, which is pre-lit with 20 battery operated LED’s and festively decorated with berries, baubles, flowers and leaves. If you would prefer to create your own wreath, the DIY solution by the Kaemingk brand is an excellent starting point.

Christmas Wreath Comparison

Christmas WreathsDiameterPre-Lit
WeRChristmas Decorated60 cmYes
FS Artificial Frosted Holly27 cmNo
Coxeer Battery Operated40 cmYes
Dibor Hanging36 cmNo
National Tree Wintry Pine60 cmYes
Kaemingk DIY50 cmNo

Below is a list of the best Christmas wreaths that are festively decorated and available with or without lights.

The Best Christmas Wreaths

1. WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Wreath

WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Wreath
WeRChristmas specialize in high quality Christmas products and their pre-lit Christmas wreath is a great example. It’s a 60 cm wide wreath that’s pre-lit with 20 white LED’s that are battery operated and transform the wreath at night.

Other features of the WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Wreath include:

  • 60 cm in diameter
  • Durable metal frame
  • Pre-lit with 20 cool white LED’s
  • Decorated with baubles, berries, flower and leaves
  • Lightly coated in glitter
  • Supplied with instructions for hanging

Although expensive when compared to some of the alternatives, the WeRChristmas pre-lit wreath is one of the best Christmas wreaths on the market and looks great wherever its placed.
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2. FS Artificial Frosted Holly Christmas Wreath

FS Artificial Frosted Holly Christmas Wreath
One of the cheapest Christmas wreaths that’s actually worth buying is by the FS brand. It’s an artificial frosted holly wreath that’s relatively small at 27 cm wide and is ideal for hanging or placing a Christmas candle inside.

Other features of the FS Artificial Frosted Holly Wreath include:

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Decorated with candy canes, baubles and cones
  • 11 inch/27 cm in diameter
  • High quality plastic construction

Overall, it’s an affordable Christmas wreath that’s built to a high standard and is festively decorated. The only drawback is the smaller size but this is reflected in the price and makes it more suitable for indoor use.
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3. Coxeer Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath

Coxeer Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath
The Coxeer Wreath is another popular option that’s made from a high quality PVC and is pre-lit with a number of battery operated lights. In terms of it’s dimensions, it’s 40 x 8 cm in size and perfect for hanging at the front door.

Other features of the Coxeer Xmas Wreath include:

  • Constructed of a PVC material
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (for the lights)
  • 40 cm in diameter
  • Festively decorated with a red bow knot
  • Requires a hook for fastening to the door

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round Christmas wreath that looks great and features the desirable lighting. Whether you hang it to your door or inside your home, the Coxeer wreath won’t disappoint.
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4. Dibor Hanging Christmas Wreaths

Dibor Hanging Christmas Wreaths
The Dibor Christmas wreaths are a mid-range option that’s available in a choice of 5 different festive styles. From a Winter Rose design to Pastel Pink, there is a great selection that are all 36 cm in diameter.

Other features of the Dibor Christmas Wreaths include:

  • Made from natural pine cones
  • Measures 36 cm in diameter
  • Choice of 5 different styles
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Looped twine for hanging

Overall, the Dibor Christmas Wreath ticks all the boxes and offers a great selection of styles to best suit your requirements. The addition of the looped twine also makes it ideal for hanging without the need to purchase a hanger.
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5. National Tree Wintry Pine Wreath

National Tree Wintry Pine Wreath
By far one of the most popular but also most expensive Christmas wreaths is the National Tree Wintry Pine Wreath. It’s a pre-lit option with 50 soft white LED’s and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Other features of the National Tree Wintry Pine Wreath include:

  • 60 cm in diameter
  • Battery operated LED lights
  • Fire resistant and non-allergenic branch tips
  • Pine cone, berry and snowflake decorations
  • 50 soft white LED’s
  • Made in the USA

The National Tree Wintry Pine Wreath is high quality option that’s built to last and is perfect for an indoor or outdoor display. It does come with a premium price tag but the quality and large design makes it a worthwhile investment.
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6. Kaemingk DIY Christmas Wreath

Kaemingk DIY Christmas Wreath
Rather than hanging a pre-decorated Christmas wreath upon your front door, you may wish to decorate one yourself. The Kaemingk brand have the answer with this 50 cm wide pine wreath, which is ready to be decorated with anything from flashing lights to Christmas baubles.

Other features of the Kaemingk DIY Christmas Wreath include:

  • Constructed of a durable PVC
  • Soft needles with 110 tips
  • 50 cm in diameter
  • Easy to hang with 2 wire hooks

If you would prefer to decorate your own wreath to best suit your requirements, the DIY Christmas wreath by Kaemingk is perfect. It’s a great size with full and soft branches and will look great wherever its placed.
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Christmas wreaths are commonly hung on the front door but you can place them wherever best suits your requirements. They are available in a selection of styles and most range from 20 to 60 cm in diameter. Whether you want one with lights, plenty of decorations or one that you can decorate yourself, there are plenty to choose from.

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