The Best Garden Hose 2021

The use of a garden hose is essential for any homeowner that enjoys gardening, washing their car and many other activities. They’re available in a range of sizes, types and colours and within this article, we have rounded up a list of the best in the UK.

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Best Garden Hose
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Most garden hoses are made from a rubber or vinyl construction and tend to last between 5 to 10 years. However, in order to standout from the crowd, many manufacturers are now integrating clever design features such as kink resistance, microbial protection, expandable designs and much more into their hoses.

If you are in a rush, the best garden hose is the Hozelock Auto Reel, which features a clever rotating wall mounted design and a triple layered durable hose construction. If you’d prefer an expandable garden hose, the FlexiHose No-Kink is the best alternative that also comes with a 8 pattern spray gun.

Garden Hose Comparison

Garden HoseLength(s)Type
Hozelock Auto10 – 40 MetresWall Mounted Auto Reel
FlexiHose No-Kink50 – 100 FeetExpandable
Hozelock Cart20 – 50 MetresManual Reel Cart
Karcher CR3110 Compact10 MetresWall Mounted Manual Reel
JJTGS Magic Hose25 to 150 FeetExpandable
Karcher HR7320 Premium20 MetresWall Mounted Manual Reel

The length of the garden hose is one of the most important factors to consider. You will want the hose to be able to reach each corner of your lawn as well as the driveway for washing your car. The majority of hoses are around 25 feet long but most manufacturers will offer multiple lengths to best suit your requirements.

It’s important to note that when the hose isn’t in use, it should be coiled using a hose reel to reduces wear. Not every garden hose comes with a reel and buying it as a complete package may offer far better value for the money.

Below is a list of the best garden hoses that are available as retractable or expandable construction and are available in several hose lengths.

The Best Garden Hose

1. Hozelock Garden Hose With Auto Reel

Hozelock Garden Hose With Auto Reel
Hozelock are the market leaders when it comes to garden hoses in the UK. They produce multiple types of hoses that are suited for each and every application. This automatic reel design is one of their most popular and is available with multiple hose lengths that range from 10 to 50 metres.

It’s designed to be wall mounted and includes a wall bracket for easy removal and storing it away when not in use.

Other features of the Hozelock Auto Reel Hose include:

  • 180 degree pivot for easy mobility
  • Premium 3 layer hose
  • Powerful spring automatically retracts without kinks
  • Child lock to prevent misuse
  • Includes all fixtures and fittings
  • Multiple hose length options
  • Two side compartments

Although it comes with a premium price tag, it’s completely worthwhile for the intuitive design. As it’s produced by the Hozelock brand, you also have the peace of mind that spare parts are available if you ever need them too.
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2. FlexiHose Expandable Garden Hose

FlexiHose Expandable Garden Hose
The popularity of an expandable garden hose has exploded over the last few years. This is mainly due to the fact that they require no reels and shrink down in size for storage without any kinks. The FlexiHose is by far the most popular expandable hose that’s available in lengths ranging from 50 to 100 feet long.

Also included within the package is a 8 pattern spray gun and 3/4 inch solid brass fittings for the installation.

Other features of the FlexiHose Expandable Garden Hose include:

  • Lightweight and flexible construction
  • Double latex pipe for zero leaks
  • High strength polyester self retracting wall
  • Able to withstand 12 bar of pressure
  • Expands to three times it’s size
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

The FlexiHose is the best expandable garden hose on the market with multiple hose lengths available. Although expensive, it’s built to the highest of standards and also includes a matching branded spray gun.
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3. Hozelock Garden Hose With Cart

Hozelock Garden Hose With Cart
A more affordable Hozelock option is the brand’s garden hose that’s connected to a manual reel. It’s available in lengths of 20, 30 or 50 metres and comes fully assembled, which allows you to get up and running straight away.

Unlike other cheaper manual reels, the Hozelock construction is well-made and allows for quick rewinding of the hose.

Other features of the Hozelock Retractable Garden Hose include:

  • Durable plastic hose reel
  • Portable with wheels and a handle
  • Premium triple layered hose
  • Multiple hose length options
  • Includes a 2 year guarantee

Overall, the Hozelock manual retractable reel is an excellent all-round garden hose that offers the best value for money. It’s made using the highest quality materials and is designed to last many years with its durable construction.
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4. Karcher CR3110 Compact Garden Hose

Karcher CR3110 Compact Garden Hose
Karcher are another huge UK brand that produce a range of hoses and reels. The CR3110 model is fairly unique as it features a compact design that can be wall mounted or remain as a portable unit.

Other features of the Karcher CR3110 Hose and Reel include:

  • 10 metre hose length
  • Storage available inside the drum
  • On-board outlet to stop the water flow
  • Includes 2 AquaStop connectors
  • Easily removable for transportation
  • Ergonomic carrying handle

The compact unit does come with it’s drawbacks with the main issue being the small 10 metre hose, which may be a problem for some gardens. However, if the length isn’t an issue, the compact design is ideal for space saving.
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5. JJTGS Expanding Garden Hose

JJTGS Expanding Garden Hose
A more affordable expandable garden hose is the new and improved JJTGS hose, which comes with numerous hose length options that range from 25 feet to as large as 150 feet. According to the brand, the expandable functionality also increases the length of the hose by up to three times as water pressure is passed through it.

In terms of the high quality construction, it comes with 3/4 and 1/2 inch brass connectors, a durable latex core and an elastic outer fabric.

Other features of the JJTGS Expandable Garden Hose include:

  • Lightweight and easy to store inside the included bag
  • Won’t kink, crack or tangle
  • Multiple hose length options
  • Suitable for all UK standard faucets
  • 180 days money back guarantee

Overall, it’s a cheap expandable hose with multiple length options and a high quality construction. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t come with a spray gun and this will need to be purchased separately if you haven’t already got one.
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6. Karcher HR7320 Wall Mounted Garden Hose

Karcher HR7320 Wall Mounted Garden HoseAnother Karcher garden hose is the HR7320 model, which features a manual retractable reel. It uses a clever design that’s easily wall mountable and includes an integrated storage box for any extra accessories.

Unlike other wall mounted constructions, this garden hose can be easily removed and used as a portable reel.

Other features of the Karcher Premium HR7320 include:

  • Space saving design
  • Easily removable drum
  • Heavy duty and built to last
  • 20 metre hose length
  • Includes spray nozzle and installation hardware

Overall, it’s a high quality garden hose with a clever reel design that’s easy to install and use. It does come with a premium price tag but the quality of the construction and clever design makes it a great investment.
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Garden Hose Buying Guide

The garden hose is something that you will find in the majority of UK homes. They are a requirement for most gardening or car cleaning tasks and they are available in a range of designs that are portable or can be mounted to the wall.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding garden hoses.

best garden hose spray gun uk

Types of Hoses

When choosing between the different types of hoses, you will find that there are standard rubber/vinyl, expandable and flat types. The standard garden hose is made from a durable rubber or vinyl construction, which includes multiple layers for durability. They are also usually attached to a manual or automatic reel and offer great value for money.

The other popular type is an expandable garden hose, which is becoming very popular in the UK and offers extra long hose lengths. They are designed to expand three or four times their length as water pressure is applied and also come with a range of benefits such as ease of storage and handling due to its lightweight design.

Flat hoses are another type that are similar to what the firemen use and are often available in very long lengths. However, we didn’t include any within this article due to the fact they easily kink and tangle, which is frustrating and time consuming to rectify.

Length Requirements

One of the biggest decisions to make when purchasing a garden hose is deciding upon a length that best suits your requirements. You could have the best garden hose possible but if it doesn’t reach to the end of your garden or around the car, it can be very frustrating to use.

Rather than approximately measuring the length of the lawn and driveway, many people make the mistake of buying the longest garden hose available. If not required, the additional length can be hard to move around, requires more storage, reduces water pressure and are generally more expensive to buy.

Avoid the mistake of purchasing a hose that is too short or too long by simply measuring the total length of the lawn and driveway from the outside tap.

Spray Gun

Not every garden hose will come with a spray gun and you may need to purchase it separately. Some of the best options for a spray gun will include multiple spray patterns, an ergonomic anti-slip grip and compatibility with all UK hoses.

Hose Connections and Adapters

Before you can begin to use the hose, you will need to connect it to an outdoor tap. As you can see in the image below, you may require an adapter that sits between the hose and tap. It’s important to note that the adapters may need to be purchased separately. If you plan to connect the hose to a pressure washer, you will also need a matching adapter.

The majority of connectors and adapters are standardized in the UK, which means they are readily available. It’s strongly recommended that you opt for a brass or other high quality metal over the plastic alternatives.

best garden hose uk

Hose Reel

If you are on a budget, it may be tempting to leave out the hose reel. However, the reel isn’t just for keeping the hose tidy because it also reduces wear, improves safety and makes it easier to store.

Most reels for a garden hose are made of plastic, fiberglass or metal with a cylindrical reel for coiling the hose. They can be manual, automatic or even electric for winding the hose into the reel. All the reels can also be mounted to fixed locations such as the wall but this is dependent upon your preference.


There may be occasions where you need to transport the hose to another location or you may have multiple outdoor taps. This makes a portable design that’s lightweight and easy to move around very beneficial. The best option for portability are hoses that are connected to a cart reel and have wheels at the bottom for easy transportation.

Anti Kink and Tangle Free

There is nothing worse than a garden hose that constantly kinks or tangles and stops the water passing through. Not only is it frustrating but it can even cause the hose to crack or split when under large amounts of pressure.

It’s highly recommended that you purchase a hose that’s specifically labelled as having an anti-kink or tangle free design to avoid this frustration.


In order to improve the durability, many brands will harden the construction of the hose. However, this severely effects the flexibility of the hose and this can make it difficult to use when maneuvering around corners.

Other Attachments

Garden hoses are very versatile and you can often purchase many additional attachments. For example, you may wish to connect a garden sprinkler, specific spray gun or pressure washer to the hose. To ensure that there are no issues, check to see whether the brand offer these attachments and that the hose is a standard UK size.

best garden hose reel

Usage Tips

Using a garden hose is fairly straight forward and with the correct spray gun, you can use it for multiple applications. However, there are some best practices that we advise that you follow in order to maintain the hose.

The first of our tips is that you should always drain the hose after it has been used. Water that’s left standing inside of the hose can increase the chances of bacteria or algae growth. It could even cause the hose to split whilst winding it up into the reel due to the amount of pressure it’s under.

When it comes to storing the hose, you should ensure that it’s left in a cool location not in direct sunlight. This prevents the chances of the hose hardening or cracking from the UV rays or heat.


Investing into the best garden hose that you can get your hands can make a huge difference. They offer far more functionality and are much easier to use than some of the cheap alternatives available.

All of our recommendations above are suited to a range of budgets and include the main types of hoses. If possible, we recommend sticking the the branded hoses because spare parts and other attachments are readily available.

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