The Best Garden Shredder 2020

Using a garden shredder is the best option for reducing large piles of garden debris into small waste for ready for recycling. They are available in several different types that are capable of tackling all shapes and sizes.

best garden shredder

For the majority of homeowners, using an electric garden shredder is the most popular choice for tackling garden waste. Petrol powered alternatives are more suited to professionals or those with large gardens.

The best garden shredder is the Bosch AXT 25 TC, which uses a 2,500 watt electric motor and durable blades for cutting through large amounts of garden debris.

Garden waste comes in several forms that some garden shredders may not be able to handle. We highly recommend choosing a shredder with a cutting capacity of at least 40 mm, which should prevent blockages and improve efficiency.

Best Garden Shredder

Garden ShredderMotorCutting Capacity
Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC2,500 Watts45 mm
Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 22002,200 Watts40 mm
Dirty Pro Tools2,500 Watts40 mm
Forest Master Petrol5.6 HP Petrol80 mm
Einhell GH-KS 24402,000 Watts40 mm

Along with the different methods of powering the shredder, the cutting mechanism also differs. Methods used for cutting waste include impact, roller and turbine cutters, which is a combination of the impact and roller mechanism.

Garden shredders need to be easily transportable and will need to be designed with portable features. This means they need all-terrain wheels, lightweight design and an ergonomic carrying handle.

Below is a list of the best garden shredders that use powerful petrol or electric motors for effortlessly cutting various garden debris and branches.

Bosch AXT 25 TC Garden Shredder

Bosch are a reputable UK brand that produce multiple garden shredders and the AXT 25 TC is their premium model. It uses a high torque 2,500W motor that effortlessly cuts through both soft and hard materials.

To prevent the dreaded blockage that commonly occurs, this model uses a patented block release system to allow blockages to be loosened without removing the hopper.

Other features of the Bosch AXT 25 TC include:

  • High speed (4,100 RPM) cutting performance
  • 53 litre collection box
  • Maximum cutting capacity of 45 mm
  • Space saving design
  • 230 KG/H material throughput
  • Patented Turbine Cut System

The AXT 25 TC is the ultimate garden shredder that provides maximum cutting performance using the high torque motor. The main drawback is that it comes with a premium price tag and is the heaviest electric model at 30.5 KG.
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Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Garden Shredder

Another garden shredder by Bosch, which is by far the most popular is the AXT Rapid 2200 model. It is the cheaper alternative to the AXT 25 TC with a smaller 2,200W PowerDrive motor for cutting soft wood and green debris.

The laser-cut precision blades made from steel allows for effortlessly shredding with its 3,650 RPM high speed motor.

Other features Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 include:

  • Material throughput of 90 KG/H
  • 40 mm cutting capacity
  • Large capacity hopper for easy feed
  • Lightweight at 12 KG
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

The Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 is the best garden shredder that combines both value for money and performance. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this model is produced by a reputable brand with readily available spare parts and support.
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Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder

The Dirty Pro Tools is another affordable garden shredder that uses a 2,500 watt motor with a cutting speed of 4,050 RPM. The brand state that it is suitable for shredding both green debris and twigs or branches up to 40 mm.

Included with the shredder is an integrated 50 litre collection box that is compact and easy to store in the garden shed.

Other features of the Dirty Pro Tools Shredder include:

  • Large wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • 6 metre power cable with safety cut out switch
  • Weighs 15 KG
  • Easy view of the bin when full
  • Measures 95 x 55 x 38 cm in size

Overall, it is an excellent all-round garden shredder with an included collection box integrated into the design. It also features a high performance motor when compared to the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200.
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Forest Master Petrol Garden Shredder

For professionals or gardening enthusiasts with large gardens, the petrol powered garden shredder may be the best option. It uses a 5.6 horsepower 208 cc four stroke engine capable of 3 to 5 CM chipping capacity per hour.

Petrol garden shredders are renowned for being bulky and difficult to manoeuvre. However, this model has a compact design that has been designed to fit through a standard garden gate with ease.

Other features of the Forest Master Shredder include:

  • 80 mm cutting diameter
  • Twin reversible blades for powerful cutting
  • Emergency stop brake
  • Weighs 85 KG
  • 1080 mm x 1700 mm x 580 mm in size

The Forest Master is the best petrol garden shredder available that provides great performance and is still affordable. The 5.6 horsepower engine is powerful yet fuel efficient for hours of garden shredding.
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Einhell GH-KS 2440 Garden Shredder

If you require a cheap garden shredder that provides great performance, the Einhell GH-KS 2440 is the best option. It uses two turnable steel blades that is powered by a 2,000W electric motor.

Other features of the Einhell GH-KS 2440 include:

  • 40 mm cutting diameter
  • Swing down funnel
  • Lightweight at 11.2 KG
  • Quick opening for easy cleaning
  • Practical handle for transportation
  • Hook for securing garden rubbish bag

Overall, the Einhell GH-KS 2440 is an affordable option that is lightweight, easy to transport and provides great cutting capacity. From tackling garden debris to light twigs, this garden shredder will effortlessly cut through it all.
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Garden Shredder Buying Guide

Garden shredders are a must have tool for reducing large piles of garden debris. They are available in a range of different types that include petrol or electric powered motors and are suitable for different branch sizes.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding garden shredders.

best garden shredder uk

Why Shred Garden Waste

Whether you are using a hedge trimmer to cut overgrown hedges, clearing dead leaves or other gardening, you will need to get rid of the waste. The best way of doing this is to use a garden shredder to cut the large debris is to hundreds of tiny pieces.

The benefit of the debris being far smaller is that they can be easily recycled as they take up less space in the bag. You can also reuse the trimmed waste within your compost or as insulation around the base or roots of other plants.

Electric vs Petrol Shredders

The majority of homeowners will be choosing an electric garden shredder due to the convenience it offers. The main drawback is that the cable length can restrict how portable the shredder is compared to the petrol alternative.

Petrol garden shredder units are more powerful and rugged, which is a requirement for gardeners or enthusiasts. However, they will require servicing and will cost far more than the electric alternatives.

Cutting Mechanism

There are three main types of cutting mechanisms used within garden shredders. These include impact, roller and turbine cutters that all offer different types of performance.

Impact Shredders

Usually the cheapest and nosiest type of garden shredder is the impact shredder. It uses a spinning blade mechanism that is capable of cutting debris is to very fine pieces. However, it is only suited to soft garden waste and may need a replacement blades after 1 or 2 years of regular usage.

Roller Shredders

With the use of rigid rollers, the roller garden shredder will quietly crush and cut most garden debris. It is able to pull the waste through the machine, which makes it easier to use but it is more prone to becoming blocked by certain materials. The main drawback compared to the impact type of shredder is that they can be more expensive and heavier.

Turbine Shredders

The best type of garden shredder is the turbine shredder, which combines the impact and roller cutting qualities. The only main drawback is that they often cost far more than the alternatives but it’s a worthwhile investment.


The performance of a shredder will determine upon the torque and speed the motor is able to deliver. The higher torque and the faster the blades or rollers spin will result in faster debris cutting.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of a garden shredder refers to the maximum branch diameter that it can cut. This metric only refers to cut wood and not dead leaves or other green garden debris. The majority of high performing shredders will easily cut 40 mm and above.

Portable Design

Most garden shredders will be transported around the garden and elsewhere, which means it needs to be easily portable. An easy to grip carrying handle and wheels that can roll easily on all terrains are essential design features.

Many of the high performing garden shredders will also weigh over 20 KG, which may be difficult for some people to move. Another factor to consider are the dimensions as it must be able to pass through garden gates or manoeuvre around patios.

best garden shredder for composting

Types of Garden Waste

Every garden shredder is designed for grass, leaves and soft or medium wood. You cannot place any rocks, cement or bricks into the shredder because it will damage the cutting mechanism. It is advised not to put any soil or damp grass into the shredder because it can clog the blades or rollers.

Collection Box

In order to collect all the cut garden debris, you will require a collection box or bag at the bottom of the shredder. These are either optional extras or integrated into the design of the garden shredder. As with a lawn mower, you will not want it to fill up too quickly but you don’t want it to be bulky too.

If you are on a budget, you technically don’t require it as you can simply place a rubbish bag or container at the bottom.


Garden shredders are an essential gardening tool for cutting down garden debris, twigs and small branches. They are available with electric and petrol powered motors that spin the sharpened blades for shredding.

All of the recommendations are suited to a range of budgets, which include both petrol and electric garden motors. Depending upon the types of garden debris you plan to shred will determine the type of shredder that you will require.

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