The Best Golf Umbrella 2021

A golf umbrella is an excellent investment that protects you from the rain, wind and sun whilst out on the course. Within this article, we list some of the best options that are dedicated for golf and include both branded or non-branded umbrellas.

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Best Golf Umbrella
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The best golf umbrella is the TaylorMade Tour, which is available as a 64 or 68 inch umbrella and features a double canopy design that withstands heavy winds. If you are on a budget and are not bothered about having a branded umbrella, the G4Free alternative is the best.

Golf Umbrella Comparison

Golf UmbrellaSizeColour(s)
TaylorMade Tour64 or 68 Inch1
Callaway Mavrik68 Inch1
Under Armour Windproof68 Inch1
PGA Tour62 Inch1
G4Free Oversized54, 62 or 68 Inch22
Procella Large62 Inch2

Although branded golf umbrellas look great and can match your clubs or golf bag, they do come with a premium price tag. Therefore, we have included non-branded umbrellas within this article that are also dedicated for golf use.

Below is a list of the best golf umbrellas that are dedicated for golfing and are suitable for all types of weather.

The Best Golf Umbrella

1. TaylorMade Tour Golf Umbrella

TaylorMade Tour Golf Umbrella
TaylorMade are a highly reputable brand within the golfing industry and their dedicated golf umbrella is a highly rated option. It’s available as a 64 or 68 inch width where both have a double canopy design that can withstand heavy winds.

Other features of the TaylorMade Tour Double Canopy include:

  • 64 or 68 inch widths
  • Large port holes for fast air release
  • Aircraft graded aluminium shaft
  • Spring loaded tips
  • Clear TaylorMade branding
  • Anti-slip ergonomic handle

Although expensive, the TaylorMade golf umbrella is one of the best in the UK that’s built to the highest of standards. It’s also dedicated for golf and features clear TaylorMade branding, which looks great when out on the course.
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2. Callaway Mavrik Golf Umbrella

Callaway Mavrik Golf Umbrella
Another premium golf umbrella made by a reputable golfing brand is the Callaway Mavrik. It’s a 68 inch wide umbrella that’s constructed of a lightweight fibreglass shaft and a windproof waterproof fabric, which features a protective coating for superior UV protection.

Other features of the Callaway Mavrik include:

  • 68 inches wide
  • 100% waterproof fabric
  • UV 50+ protection
  • Automatic push button operation
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle
  • Ventilation holes that allow wind to pass

The Callaway Mavrik is a stylish, well-made and excellent all-round golf umbrella but only if you are willing to pay the premium price tag. However, it’s a worthwhile investment that features the latest design by Callaway and is suitable for any type of weather when out on the course.
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3. Under Armour Windproof Umbrella

Under Armour Windproof Umbrella
The Under Armour brand produce a wide range of umbrellas but this particular model is dedicated for golf. According to the brand, it’s suitable for all types of weather and the double canvas provides extra coverage.

Other features of the Under Armour Golf Umbrella include:

  • 68 inches wide
  • Textured rubber handle
  • Dual action opening system
  • Clear Under Armour branding
  • Distinctive lime green shaft

Overall, it’s a great umbrella for golf or regular use and will protect you from all types of UK weather. It also has the backing of the reputable Under Armour brand who are known for their high quality products.
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4. PGA Tour Windproof Golf Umbrella

PGA Tour Windproof Golf Umbrella
A more affordable golf umbrella that’s dedicated for golf is the PGA Tour option. It’s only available as a 62 inch wide umbrella but it’s been designed to withstand all types of weather and shelter you from the rain, wind or sun.

Other features of the PGA Tour Umbrella include:

  • 62 inches wide
  • Double canopy design
  • Easy open and close mechanism
  • Durable fiberglass shaft
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Fits easily into all standard golf bags
  • Supplied with a protective cover
  • PGA Tour branding

Overall, the PGA Tour Golf Umbrella ticks all the boxes in terms of usability, durability and value for the money. The only drawback is the smaller width, which may not be suitable for all golfers as some prefer the larger 68 inch size.
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5. G4Free Oversized Golf Umbrella

G4Free Oversized Golf Umbrella
By far one of the cheapest golf umbrellas that’s actually worth buying is the G4Free Oversized umbrella. It’s available in a choice of three different sizes (54, 62 or 68 inch) and a huge selection of colours to best suit your requirements.

Other features of the G4Free Oversized Umbrella include:

  • 54, 62 or 68 inch widths
  • Choice of 22 different colours
  • Automatic opening mechanism
  • Double canopy windproof design
  • 8 resin reinforced fibreglass ribs
  • Non-slip foam handle
  • Ultra water resistant canopy
  • SPF 50+ protection

Considering the low price tag of the G4Free umbrella, it cannot be beaten on price and it’s one of the best golf umbrellas for the money. The wide selection of colours/styles is another great bonus that many other umbrellas lack.
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6. Procella Large Golf Umbrella

Procella Large Golf Umbrella
By far the most popular golf umbrellas on the market is the by the Procella brand. It’s available in either black or grey and according to the brand, it’s virtually unbreakable with its fibreglass frame and tear resistant canopy. In terms of the sizing, it’s 62 inches wide when opened and folds down to 5.12 x 38.7 inches.

Other features of the Procella Double Canopy Umbrella include:

  • 62 inches wide
  • Tear resistant inner mesh
  • Double canopy construction
  • Windproof up to 75 KMH
  • Weighs just 780g
  • Push button automatic opening
  • Pinch-less closing
  • Supplied with a matching sleeve cover

Overall, the Procella golf umbrella is a strong, waterproof and wind resistant option that won’t disappoint. However, when compared to the G4Free alternative, it does come with an increased price and lack of colour options.
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Compared to standard umbrellas, those that are dedicated for golfing are much larger and are designed to protect from rain, wind and sun. Most feature a double canopy construction and are designed to prevent wind from breaking the structure and turning inside out.

All of our recommendations are suitable for every budget and include both branded and non-branded options. It may be tempted to use a standard umbrella but those that are designed for golf will transform your experience on the course.

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