The Best Kettlebells 2021

Kettlebells are a great addition to any home gym as they offer users a full body workout and utilise a range of muscle groups. Whether you want to fling them in the air or lift them up and down, they are available in a range of weights that are suitable for all users.

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Best Kettlebells
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The best kettlebells are the DKN Weight Set, which are available as a complete set and are ideal for beginner users. If you are looking for heavier weights, the York Fitness alternative is ideal and offers weights ranging from 2 to 20 KG.

Kettlebells Comparison

KettlebellsWeight RangeExterior
DKN Set2 to 8 KGVinyl
York Fitness2 to 20 KGVinyl
Body Revolution2 to 28 KGNeoprene
Phoenix Fitness4 to 20 KGVinyl
AmazonBasics Cast Iron4 to 20 KGPainted
We R Sports SnatchFlex4 to 36 KGNeoprene

Kettlebells allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises that are suitable for beginner or advanced users. For the best workout, we strongly recommend purchasing multiple weights, which will allow you to warm-up with light weights but also test yourself using the heavier kettlebells.

Below is a list of the best kettlebells that are available in a wide selection of weights and are ideal for home gyms.

The Best Kettlebells

1. DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Weight Set

DKN Vinyl Kettlebell Weight Set
DKN specialize in gym equipment and their kettlebell weight set is a great option that includes four kettlebells. Each of the 2, 4, 6 and 8 KG weights are vinyl coated and have an ergonomically designed handles for enhanced comfort.

Other features of the DKN Weight Set include:

  •  2, 4, 6 and 8 KG weights
  • Strong moulded design
  • Colour coded weights
  • Vinyl coated construction
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Anti-slip base for stability
  • Supplied with a detailed workout chart
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty

Considering the low price tag of the DKN Weight Set, they are by far the best kettlebells for the money. They are ideal for beginners as the weights begin at 2 KG, which is perfect for beginning your kettlebell workouts.
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2. York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells

York Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells
The York brand are a highly reputable gym equipment brand and their kettlebells are by far the most popular in the UK. They offer a range of weight options that range from 2 to 20 KG and are all colour coded for each weight.

Other features of the York Kettlebells include:

  • Durable vinyl outer casing
  • Easy grip ergonomic handle
  • Weight ranges from 2 to 20 KG
  • Colour coded design
  • Available individually or as a set
  • Anti-slip base
  • Supplied with a workout chart

Overall, the York Kettlebells are an excellent all-round option that’s built to last and offers good value for the money. They are also manufactured by the reputable York brand for complete peace of mind.
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3. Body Revolution Neoprene Kettlebells

Body Revolution Neoprene Kettlebells
Another popular set of kettlebells are by the Body Revolution brand, which offer weights ranging from 2 to 28 KG. Each kettlebell is constructed of a heavy duty cast iron and is wrapped in a neoprene coating for additional durability.

Other features of the Body Revolution Kettlebells include:

  • Weights range from 2 to 28 KG
  • Neoprene coating
  • Extra large handles
  • Flat base for storage
  • Colour coded design
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Although expensive, the Body Revolution kettlebells are well-made and backed by a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind. They also larger handles, which allows for a more secure grips whilst performing overhead lifts.
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4. Phoenix Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells

Phoenix Fitness Vinyl Kettlebells
Phoenix Fitness are another brand that specialize in home gym equipment and offer a selection of kettlebells. They offer weights that range from 4 to 20 KG and each are colour coded, which allows you to select weights more easily.

Other features of the Phoenix Fitness Kettlebells include:

  • Weights range from 4 to 20 KG
  • Brightly coloured and clearly labelled
  • Durable vinyl coating
  • Ergonomically designed grip
  • Includes workout suggestion

Overall, the Phoenix Fitness kettlebells are a high quality set that’s available in a wide selection of weights. They aren’t the cheapest but they are built to last and allow you to perform a wide variety of kettlebell workouts.
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5. AmazonBasics Cast-Iron Kettlebell

AmazonBasics Cast-Iron Kettlebell
Another popular kettlebell is the AmazonBasic set, which is available in weights that range from 4 to 20 KG. They are made from a solid cast iron and have a durable painted surface, which helps to prevent any corrosion.

Other features of the Amazon Basics Kettlebells include:

  • Weights range from 4 to 20 KG
  • High quality cast iron construction
  • Painted finish
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty

The AmazonBasic kettlebell is a high quality cast iron option that’s built to last forever. It’s a well-made kettlebell with an easy to grip handle and a great selection of weights to choose from. The only drawback is that it’s a painted surface, which may chip if the weight is thrown onto a concrete floor.
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6. We R Sports SnatchFlex Kettlebells

We R Sports SnatchFlex Kettle Bells
For those that require extra heavy kettlebells, the We R Sports brand have the answer. They offer as selection of kettlebells that range from as light as 4 KG to as heavy as 36 KG. In terms of the construction, they have a cast iron core and are coated in a thick neoprene, which prevents any damage to fragile flooring.

Other features of the We R Sports Snatch Flex include:

  • Weights range from 4 to 36 KG
  • Neoprene coating
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Textured ergonomic handle
  • Colour coded design

The We R Sports Snatch Flex kettlebells are a great option that ticks all the boxes and won’t leave you disappointed. They also have the benefit of being available in extra heavy weights, which may be a requirement for many.
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For those that intend to use kettlebells on wood, tiled or other hard flooring, it’s strongly advised to opt for a vinyl or neoprene coated option. The softer exterior prevents any damage to the flooring, which could be expensive to repair.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include a wide selection of weights. To avoid disappointment, we recommend choosing multiple weights, which allows you to perform a full body workout.

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