The Best Masonry Paint 2021

Masonry paint is designed to be used upon exterior surfaces of your property and it helps to protect against weathering, dirt and pollution. Most brands offer a variety of colours that can completely transform your home.

Best Masonry Paint

Exterior masonry paint is available in an array of colours from white to grey and finishes such as smooth or textured. Application is relatively straight forward and most will provide protection for over 10 years.

The best masonry paint is the Dulux Weathershield, which is formulated of a high performing acrylic resin. The brand state that it’s UV, mould and algae resistant and the paint will provide up to 15 years of weather protection.

Masonry Paint Comparison

Masonry PaintColoursDrying Time
Dulux Weathershield1430 Minutes
Sandtex Ultra Smooth271 Hour
Leyland 303140 Granocryl131 Hour
HQC Smooth272 Hours
Johnstone’s Weatherguard91 Hour
Rustins Quick Dry430 Minutes

Due to the unpredictability of the British weather, it’s important that you choose the best day for painting. Most brands will offer various drying periods of the paint and the number of coats that you will require.

Below is a list of the best masonry paints that provide a smooth finish and provide over 10 years of protection.

The Best Masonry Paint

1. Dulux Weathershield Smooth Exterior Masonry Paint

Dulux are a highly reputable brand in the UK and their exterior masonry paint is a quality option. The brand state that it provides total protection against all types of weather for up to 15 years if applied correctly.

If you have had troubles with mould and algae in the past, this masonry paint is designed to protect against it. Included in the formula is an algicide and fungicide, which protects the finished paint against staining.

Other features of the Dulux Weathershield include:

  • Smooth finish with 14 colours
  • Formulated with a high performance acrylic resin
  • Up to 15 years of protection
  • Flexible paint film
  • Rainproof in 30 minutes
  • Mould and algae resistant
  • UV resistant

The exterior masonry paint by Dulux is an excellent all-round option that combines quality with value for the money. It’s a breathable paint film that allows moisture to be released and is rainproof in just 30 minutes, which is ideal for the unpredictable British weather.
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2. Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint

The Sandtex masonry paint is a highly rated option that is dirt resistant, breathable and weatherproof. This is made possible thanks to the brands microseal technology, which provides is rainproof in just 1 hour.

The surfaces that this masonry paint is suitable for include rendering, roughcast, pebbledash, concrete, bricks and previously painted surfaces.

Other features of the Sandtex Ultra Smooth Paint include:

  • Choice of 27 different colours
  • Backed by a 15 year guarantee protection
  • Multiple container sizes
  • Rainproof in just 1 hour
  • Dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof
  • 3 to 4 hours drying time
  • Resists peeling and flaking

The brand state that for the best results using this masonry paint, two coats of the paint is required. The Sandtex masonry paint is quality option that is backed with a long guarantee and resists the dreaded peeling and flaking.
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3. Leyland 303140 Granocryl Smooth Masonry

The Leyland 303140 paint is a popular masonry option that is available in 2.5 or 5 litre containers. In terms of its usage, the brand state that the paint is suitable for brickwork, concrete, roughcast, rendering, pebbledash and more.

In terms of the protection provided by this masonry paint, the brand provide a 10 year guarantee.

Other features of the Leyland 303140 include:

  • Choice of 13 different colours
  • Smooth or textured finish
  • Mould resistant formula
  • 10 years of protection
  • Durability in all weather conditions
  • 2.5 or 5 litre containers

Leyland state that the formula is specially designed to provide the ideal covering power, which avoid several coats. This is perfect for those painting exterior masonry surfaces in awkward to reach locations.
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4. HQC Smooth Masonry Paint

The HQC exterior masonry paint is a premium option that is formulated with an acrylic resin. The benefit of this type of resin is that it provide the best possible protection as well as being resistant to peeling, cracking or flaking.

The brand state that its an environmentally friendly masonry paint that is suitable for painting on concrete, plaster, pebble-dash, brick and stone walls.

Other features of the HQC Paint include:

  • Acrylic resin based
  • 27 different colour options
  • Total protection against all weather conditions
  • Long lasting and repels water
  • High scrub resistance
  • 1 litre container
  • Touch to dry in 2 hours

Although this masonry paint is fairly expensive per litre, it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret. It provides excellent coverage that is easy to apply and provides a high quality smooth finish.
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5. Johnstone’s 307123 Weatherguard Smooth Masonry

Johnstone’s are a reputable brand within the UK and produce a variety of paints for all surfaces. Their exterior masonry paint is a high quality option that is available in 9 different colours to best suit your requirements.

The brand state that their masonry paint provides up to 10 years of protection for exterior surfaces such as brickwork, stone, concrete, pebbledash, roughcast rendering and other similar surfaces.

Other features of the Johnstone’s Weatherguard include:

  • 10 years of protection
  • Smooth finish
  • Choice of 9 colours
  • 5 litre container
  • Weather resistant to prevent dirt accumulation
  • Flexible to prevent flaking

Overall, the Johnstone’s Weatherguard masonry paint is an excellent all-round option that is suitable for most exterior surfaces. It’s easy to apply and due to the unique formulation, a little bit goes a long way.
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6. Rustins Quick Dry Masonry Paint

The Rustins masonry paint is a fast drying option that is suitable for both interior or exterior use. The brand state that it’s touch to dry within 30 minutes and a second coat can be applied in just 4 hours.

Other features of the Rustins Quick Dry include:

  • Choice of four colours
  • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces
  • 500 ml container
  • Brushed application
  • 14m² per 1 litre coverage
  • Low odour output

Overall, it’s a fast drying and highly rated masonry paint that offers great value for the money. Although it’s only available in small tins, it does have the benefit of being cheaper to use when tackling touch up repairs.
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In order to avoid cracking or peeling of paint, you will want to use a dedicated masonry paint. Unlike other paints, they are designed to protect the surface against all weather conditions as well as pollution and dirt. Most brands will offer both smooth or textured finishes and a variety of colours to best suit your requirements.

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