The Best Mitre Saw 2021

Mitre saws are the best tool to use for making quick but accurate crosscuts at selected angles, bevels or angled bevels. Depending upon your requirements, most are portable and can be mounted to a bench, table or leg stand.

Best Mitre Saw

The best mitre saw is the DEWALT DCS365N-XJ, which is battery powered and uses a multi-purpose blade to cut through a range of materials.

Mitre Saw Comparison

Mitre SawMax Cutting CapacityNo-load Speed
DEWALT DCS365N-XJ250 mm3,750 RPM
Evolution 3-DB320 mm2,500 RPM
Bosch GCM 8 SJL312 mm5,500 RPM
Makita LS0815FLN305 mm5,000 RPM
Evolution R210CMS125 mm4,000 RPM
TACKLIFE PMS01X300 mm4,500 RPM

Mitre saws are often confused with a table saw as they both utilize a rotating circular saw blade. However, table saws are more of a general purpose cutting tool whereas mitre saws are best used for accurate crosscuts or angular cuts.

Below is a list of the best mitre saws that are suitable for both domestic and job site applications.

The Best Mitre Saw

1. DEWALT DCS365N-XJ Cordless Mitre Saw

The DEWALT DCS365N-XJ is a premium cordless mitre saw that allows you to work freely without being restricted by a power cord. According to the brand, per full charge, you are able to perform up to 250 cuts before recharging and it reminds you with a flashing light once it requires recharging.

In terms of the mitre angle adjustment system that it uses, the saw provides accurate settings of mitre angles between 0 and 60° right and 0 and 50° left.

Other features of the DEWALT DCS365N-XJ include:

  • 40 tooth saw blade (184 x 16 mm in size)
  • Performs up to 250 cuts per charge
  • Dual fence mechanism for extra stability
  • Highly portable and weighs just 11.5 KG
  • Cuts wood, aluminium and many other materials

The cutting capacity of this mitre saw include the following:

  • 90° x 90° : 250 x 50 mm
  • 90° x 45° : 250 x 35 mm
  • 45° x 90° : 176 x 50 mm
  • 45° x 45° : 176 x 35 mm

Although expensive, the DEWALT is the ultimate cordless mitre saw that is lightweight, easy to use and able to be used anywhere without requiring a power supply. Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, the battery provides far greater charge and the saw is backed by the reputable DEWALT brand.
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2. Evolution 3-DB Compound Mitre Saw

The Evolution Power Tools 3-DB is a highly rated compound mitre saw that is available for both site or domestic use (110V/220V). According to the brand, it’s able to cut a whole range of materials such as mild steel, non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and much more.

If you are required to make multiple matching cuts for pieces such as crown mouldings, this mitre saw has a double bevel facility. This prevents the need to re-adjust the work piece and allow you to perform cuts much faster.

Other features of the Evolution 3-DB include:

  • 255 mm multi-purpose blade with 28 teeth
  • Double bevel facility
  • Laser guidance for maximum accuracy
  • Large 320 mm slide mechanism
  • Easily adjustable cutting depth stop
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Backed by a three year warranty

In terms of the cutting capacities that this compound mitre saw provides, they include:

  • 90° x 90° : 320 x 80 mm
  • 90° x 45° : 320 x 40 mm
  • 45° x 90° : 225 x 80 mm
  • 45° x 45° : 225 x 40 mm

Compared to other saws within a similar price bracket, the Evolution 3-DB is by far the best sliding mitre saw for the money. It’s able to accurately cut through a range of materials using its laser guidance and is backed by an impressive three year warranty for complete peace of mind.
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3. Bosch Professional GCM 8 SJL Sliding Mitre Saw

The Bosch GCM 8 SJL is a professional sliding mitre saw that can be taken from job to job with a lightweight and compact design. This particular model is their new and improved version and offers 100 watts more power when compared to its predecessor.

In terms of its cutting capabilities, it’s able to effortlessly cuts through laminate, parquet, decking, floor boards and a range of other materials.

Other features of the Bosch GCM 8 SJL include:

  • 1,600 watt motor
  • Lightweight at just 17.3 KG
  • Horizontal cutting capacity of 312 mm
  • Highly portable with an ergonomic carrying handle
  • Blade spins at 5,500 RPM
  • Integrated laser for precise sawing
  • Improved dust management system
  • Available as a 110 or 240V option

The cutting capacity of this Bosch sliding mitre saw include the following:

  • 90° x 90° : 312 x 70 mm
  • 90° x 45° : 312 x 48 mm
  • 45° x 90° : 214 x 70 mm
  • 45° x 45° : 214 x 48 mm

Overall, It’s a high quality mitre saw that backed by the reputable Bosch brand and won’t disappoint. Whether you are cutting wood or cable ducts, the new and improved GCM 8 SJL cleanly and quickly cuts with maximum precision.
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4. Makita LS0815FLN Sliding Mitre Saw

Makita is a much loved brand among professionals or DIY enthusiasts and are well known for their high quality products. There mitre saw is a great example of their reputation and comes as a complete set that includes the saw and stand.

In order to maximize your cutting accuracy, the mitre saw has a built-in laser guide as well as a LED job light so that you have clear vision of the cut.

Other features of the Makita LS0815FLN include:

  • Lightweight (14.5 KG) and portable with a soft grip handle
  • Blade diameter of 216 mm
  • Soft start 1,400 watt electric motor
  • Positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45°
  • 2.5 metre long power cord
  • No-load speed of 5,000 RPM
  • Comes as a complete kit and a dedicated stand

The cutting capacity of this sliding mitre saw include the following:

  • 90° x 90° : 305 x 65 mm
  • 90° x 45° : 305 x 50 mm
  • 45° x 90° : 215 x 65 mm
  • 45° x 45° : 215 x 50 mm

Apart from the premium price, the Makita LS0815FLN is an excellent all-round mitre saw that is powerful yet lightweight. It’s been built to last and has intuitive design qualities such as the twin steel bars with linear ball bearings that provide a smooth and precise sliding action.
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5. Evolution R210CMS Compound Mitre Saw

Another compound mitre saw by Evolution Power Tools is the R210CMS model, which is designed for those on a tight budget. It’s suitable for cutting wood, steel, aluminium and an array of other materials by using a 24 teeth, 210 mm multi-purpose blade.

As with the alternative Evolution mitre saws, this model is also available as a 110 or 230V option, which allows it to be used within site or domestic applications.

Other features of the Evolution R210CMS include:

  • Multi-purpose 210 mm blade
  • Cuts through steel, aluminium and wood
  • Highly portable design
  • Quick click mitre stops
  • Available as a 110 or 230V option
  • Powerful 1,500 watt motor

The cutting capacities of this mitre saw include the following:

  • 90° x 90° : 125 x 55 mm
  • 90° x 45° : 125 x 35 mm
  • 45° x 90° : 85 x 55 mm
  • 45° x 45° : 85 x 35 mm

The Evolution R210CMS is by far the best budget mitre saw that’s actually worth buying. Compared to similar priced alternatives, it offers far superior quality and has the performance to match.
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6. TACKLIFE PMS01X Sliding Miter Saw

Another affordable mitre saw is the TACKLIFE PMS01X, which uses a powerful 1,500 watt to spin a 210 mm blade at 4,500 RPM. The blade itself is an ultra high grade 24 tooth carbide tipped blade that’s able to cut through wood, soft metal, plastics and many other materials.

The brand provide a range of accessories with this mitre saw, which include a carbon brush, extension rods, Allen wrenches, dust bag and a clamping device.

Other features of the TACKLIFE PMS01X include:

  • 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade
  • 1,500 watt motor with a no-load speed of 4,500 RPM
  • Easily adjustable cutting depth
  • Max cutting width of 300 mm
  • Laser guide plate and scale
  • Efficient dust collection system

In terms of the cutting capacity of the TACKLIFE PMS01X, the include the following:

  • 90° x 90° : 300 x 60 mm
  • 90° x 45° : 210 x 60 mm
  • 45° x 90° : 60 x 300 mm
  • 45° x 45° : 35 x 210 mm

Overall, the TACKLIFE PMS01X is another great budget mitre saw that provides excellent performance for the money. It also comes with a range of accessories for extra “bang for your buck”.
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The use of a mitre saw is ideal for when you need to make multiple cuts in a variety of angles. Whether you are building your own shed or replacing broken decking, mitre saws are the perfect tool for the job.

All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and are produced by the best brands in the UK. To avoid disappoint, we advise that you buy from a reputable brand that are known for their saws or other power tools.

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