The Best Multi Gym 2021

A multi gym is a big investment and it’s worthwhile taking your time and exploring the various setups available. Within this article, we recommend some of the best options that offer a variety of exercises and are ideal for home use.

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Best Multi Gym
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The best multi gym is the VidaXL Fitness Machine, which is relatively affordable, compact and perfect for home gyms. If you have a much larger space, the Fit4Home TF-1007 is another great option with additional weight plates and features.

Home Multi Gym Comparison

Multi GymWeight PlatesSize
VidaXL Fitness Machine40 KG150 x 99 x 204 cm
Total Gym XLSN/A229 x 48 x 109 cm
Physionics Exercise Machine40 KG151 x 98 x 203 cm
Fit4Home TF-1007150 KG256 x 61 x 206 cm
F4H TF-7005A80 KG166 x 224 x 205 cm
Marcy Eclipse HG700072 KG174 x 114 x 216 cm

Before you begin browsing the various multi gyms, it’s important that you measure the space you have available. Most of the setups require over 2 metres in height but vary in terms of the length and widths.

Below is a list of the best multi gyms that provide a range of exercises and are perfect for home use.

The Best Multi Gym

1. VidaXL Multi Gym Fitness Machine

VidaXL Multi Gym Fitness Machine
For those that are on a budget and require a relatively affordable home multi gym, the VidaXL brand have the answer. Their multi gym provides a full-body workout and costs a fraction of the price when compared to some of the alternatives.

In terms of the construction, the frame is made from a heavy duty steel and the fabric is 100% polyurethane.

Other features of the VidaXL Multi Gym include:

  • Total of 8 weight plates and 1 top plate
  • Maximum user weight of 100 KG
  • Wide range of workouts available
  • Supplied with instructions for assembly
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Weighs 90.2 KG

Considering the affordable price tag of the VidaXL Multi Gym, you cannot go wrong and it’s the best budget option. It’s ideal for beginners that are looking for their first multi gym for working out in the comfort of your home.
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2. Total Gym XLS Home Multi Gym

Total Gym XLS Home Multi Gym
By far one of the most popular multi-gyms in the UK is the Total Gym XLS Machine, which is designed for all round results. According to the brand, you are able to perform over 100 exercises using their machine and it’s perfect for any age or fitness level.

Other features of the Total Gym XLS Machine include:

  • Over 100 different exercises
  • Max weight capacity of 181 KG
  • Supplied with a 86 page exercise manual
  • Comes fully assembled out of the box
  • Total weights of 41.7 KG
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • 6 month warranty on the parts

For complete peace of mind, the brand provide direct UK support and the frame is backed by a lifetime warranty and the parts are backed by a 6 month warranty. Overall, it’s an excellent all-round multi gym that’s suitable for all ages, is easy to setup and folds away for easy storage when not in use.
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3. Physionics Compact Multi Exercise Gym

Physionics Compact Multi Exercise Gym
Another popular mid-range option is the Physionics brand and it’s a compact multi gym that’s suitable for over 30 different workouts. In terms of the main components, the machine features a bench press and buttery module, lat pull down, curl bar and leg curl bar, which all allow you to perform multiple exercises.

Other features of the Physionics Exercise Machine include:

  • 9 x 4.5 KG weight discs
  • Suitable for over 30 workouts
  • Padded bench for additional comfort
  • 151 x 98 x 203 cm in size
  • Supplied with instructions for assembly
  • Additional weights available if required

For those looking for a compact multi gym that’s ideal for home workouts, this Physionics device is the best option. It’s well made, easy to put together and doesn’t take up much room when assembled.
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4. Fit4Home TF-1007 Cable Crossover Machine

Fit4Home TF-1007 Cable Crossover Machine
If you have plenty of space available, the Fit4Home TF-1007 is a great option. It’s a cable cross over machine that provides a maximum resistance of 150 KG and allows you to exercise a range of different muscle groups.

Due to the size of the machine (256 x 61 x 206 cm), it requires at least 5 m2 of space to be able to use all the features.

Other features of the Fit4Home TF-1007 include:

  • Single ratio pulley mechanism
  • Heavy duty steel tube weights
  • Max resistance of 150 KG
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty
  • Max user weight rated at 100 KG (pull up bar)
  • Arrives in 7 boxes and requires assembly
  • Total weight of 211 KG

The Fit4Home TF-1007 is a highly rated multi gym that’s ideal for those that have the room. Whether you are a beginner or experienced gym goer, the 150 KG resistance allows you to test all muscle groups. It also includes the desirable pull up bar, which is another great bonus for those trying to improve their pull up count.
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5. F4H TF-7005A Multi Gym Workout Station

F4H TF-7005A Multi Gym Workout Station
Another home multi gym that’s perfect for those on a tight budget is the F4H TF7005A. It can be used for a range of exercises such as lat pull, leg curls as well as over 50 different workouts to best suit your requirements.

According to the brand, it’s fairly easy to assemble and it only has 5 pieces that need screwing together.

Other features of the F4H TF7005A Station include:

  • Max user weight of 100 KG
  • More than 50 different exercises
  • Easy to assemble and includes instructions
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Weighs 81.6 KG

The F4H TF7005A home multi gym ticks all the boxes and is ideal for those on a budget. It also benefits from being one of the easiest to install, which can be the main issue with some of the alternatives.
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6. Marcy Eclipse HG7000 Home Gym

Marcy Eclipse HG7000 Home Gym
The Marcy Eclipse HG7000 is one of many multi gyms that are produced by the brand and offers a great variations of workouts. It uses a high and low pulley system and 72 KG of weight plates for performing a range of different exercises.

Other features of the Marcy Eclipse HG7000 include:

  • Max user weight capacity of 150 KG
  • Aircraft graded cables
  • High quality bearings upon the pulleys
  • Anti-chip powder coated paint
  • Lifetime warranty upon the frame
  • 3 year parts warranty
  • 1 year upholstery warranty
  • 174 x 114 x 216 cm in size

Overall, the HG7000 model by Marcy Eclipse is a high quality multi gym that’s worth paying the extra money for. It’s built to a much higher standard and includes a number of warranties for complete peace of mind.
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Multi gyms are an expensive piece of equipment but a great investment for those that like to workout in the comfort of their home. All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include compact multi gyms that offer a variety of exercises.

To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend measuring the available space you have for the multi gym. You will also want to add at least a metre either side to your measurement as this will allow you to have plenty of room to workout.

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