The Best Outdoor Security Lights 2021

Security lights are a great addition to your home or business as they illuminate foot paths and alert you of any unexpected visitors. They are available as battery, solar or mains powered lights and a wide range of designs to best suit your requirements.

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Best Security Lights
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The best security lights are the Mr Beams MB390 Spotlights, which are battery powered and produce 300 Lumens of light. If you require brighter light output, the hardwired MEIKEE 50W lights output an impressive 5,000 Lumens.

Security Lights Comparison

Security LightsTypeMotion Sensor Range
Mr Beams MB390Battery Powered7.5 metres
MEIKEE 50W LEDMains Powered12 metres
CLY LED FloodlightMains Powered12 metres
LITOM LEDSolar Powered12 metres
Trswyop LightSolar Powered5 metres
Ring Floodlight CamMains Powered With Camera10 metres

Security lights that include a motion sensor are highly desirable and they are available with different detection ranges. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you choose a light with a range of 5 metres and over because most lights allow you to adjust the detection to best suit your needs.

Below is a light of the best security lights that are powered by the battery, solar or mains power.

The Best Security Lights

1. Mr Beams MB390 Battery Powered Security Light

The Mr Beams MB390 is a popular battery powered security light that can be installed in a matter of minutes. It’s a wireless installation that can be mounted to any outdoor surface using the mounting hardware included with the kit.

In terms of the performance, it outputs 300 Lumens of light with a coverage of up to 400 square feet.

Other features of the Mr Beams MB390 include:

  • Uses 4 x D-Cell batteries
  • Motion sensor that works from 7.5 metres
  • Weatherproof IPX6 design
  • Available in black or white
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • 20 second auto shut off

The Mr Beams MB390 is by far the best battery powered security light on the market with its impressive performance. According to the brand, its the most powerful wireless light, which is the main reason for its popularity.
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2. MEIKEE 50W LED PIR Security Lights

The MEIKEE 50W outdoor security lights are one of the brightest on the market with an impressive 5,000 Lumens output. It also features a motion sensor that can be adjusted to detect motion up to 12 metres away.

If you would prefer less powerful security lights, the brand offer 10, 20 and 30 watt affordable alternatives.

Other features of the Meikee 50W Security Lights include:

  • 5,000 Lumens output
  • Weatherproof rating of IP66
  • CE and FCC certified
  • 120 degree lighting angle
  • 1.5 metre cable length
  • Includes a two year warranty
  • Supplied with all the mounting hardware

The MEIKEE 50W LED security light offer impressive light output at a relatively affordable price. For complete peace of mind, it’s UK certified and the brand provide a two year warranty against any defects.
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3. CLY LED Outdoor Security Lights

Another wired outdoor LED security light is the CLY floodlight, which provides 2,000 Lumens of light. It’s the brands new and improved design that include an adjustable long range motion sensor, waterproof design and much more.

To further improve the light output, these security lights use a convex surface, which increases light reflections and extends the light range.

Other features of the CLY LED Floodlight include:

  • Motion sensor detection up to 12 metres
  • Waterproof rating up to IP66
  • Wide illumination angle
  • 24 LED’s that output up to 2,000 Lumens
  • Adjustable light timing settings

The CLY LED floodlight is an excellent all-round security light that combines performance with value for the money. The kit includes everything you require for the installation and it can be easily adjusted to best suit your requirements.
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4. LITOM Solar Security Light With Motion Sensor

The LITOM solar powered security lights are an affordable option that use 300 LED’s for bright light output. It also features a highly weather protective design with a IP67 rating, which can withstand all types of weather conditions.

The security lights also come with motion sensors, which are cable of detecting motion from up to 12 metres away at a 120 degree sensing angle.

Other features of the LITOM Solar Security Lights include:

  • Highly efficient monocrystalline silicone solar cells
  • 270 degrees illumination coverage
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Three lighting modes
  • Accurate PIR motion sensor
  • Easy to install

The LITOM solar security lights are an affordable and highly efficient light that won’t disappoint. They are also feature one of the most weather resistant designs, which is ideal for areas that suffer from damp or near a swimming pool.
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5. Trswyop LED Solar Security Light

The Trswyop solar security lights are a cheaper alternative to the above lights and also come with a two year warranty. In terms of the design, it uses 128 LED’s and a durable construction that has a waterproof rating of IP65.

Other features of the Trswyop Solar Security Lights include:

  • Motion detection up to 5 metres
  • 128 LED’s with a maximum capacity of 2,200 mAh
  • Three different lighting modes
  • 270 degree wide angle output
  • Includes a two year warranty
  • Sold as a pair of lights
  • Supplied with all the mounting hardware

Compared with the alternatives above, they aren’t as weatherproof or bright but they are much cheaper. The Trswyop solar security lights are also backed by a two year warranty for complete peace of mind.
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6. Ring Floodlight Security Light With Camera

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a security light that also doubles up as a highly rated outdoor security camera. The benefit of the camera is that you are able to view live footage on demand and once unexpected motion has been detected.

Ring are a highly reputable brand that produce a range of products that integrate into a their smartphone application. Within the app, you can watch 1080P video, produce siren, hear and speak through the camera and so much more.

Other features of the Ring Floodlight Cam include:

  • 1,800 Lumens output
  • Hardwired into the mains electricity
  • Available in black or white
  • 140 degree field of view
  • Includes a 1 year warranty
  • Customisable motion detection (10 metre range)
  • Compatible with the Alexa
  • Free replacement if stolen

Although it comes with a premium price tag, the amount of functionality available with this security floodlight is worth spending the extra. For peace of mind, Ring provide a one year warranty and an impressive theft protection guarantee.
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Adding security lights at your home and business is perfect for areas where extra light is required. All of the recommendations include motion detection sensors, which help to illuminate walking paths or alerting you to unexpected visitors.

In terms of the different types available, hard wired lights offer the best performance but require a more involved installation, which many people may want to avoid. If that is the case, choosing either battery powered or solar security lights is the best option as they are simple to install with zero wires.

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