The Best Snow Foam Lance 2020

The purpose of a snow foam lance is to remove loose dirt and debris without touching the paintwork with a wash mitt. It is the best washing method to use in order to avoid swirl marks and other defects in the paintwork.

Best Snow Foam Lance

Using a snow foam lance allows you to remove dirt and debris without touching the paintwork. In order to get started, you will need a suitable pressure washer and soap that is designed for the lance.

The best snow foam lance is the Pro-Kleen SnowPro, which includes a super thick soap mixture and is suitable for all the K series pressure washers produced by Karcher.

The popularity of using snow foam to wash your car has exploded due to its benefits but also the great photo opportunities. The foam sticks to the vehicle to loosen the dirt and grime on the paintwork. As you allow the soap to get to work, you are able to take some excellent action shots of the car.

Snow Foam Comparison

Snow Foam LanceConstructionBottle Size
Pro-Kleen SnowProSolid Brass & Plastic1.0 Litre
Autobrite MagifoamSolid Brass & Plastic1.0 Litre
Detailers UnitedSolid Brass & Plastic1.0 Litre
Karcher FJ6 FoamerAll Plastic0.6 Litre
Nilfisk Super SprayerAll Plastic0.5 Litre

Snow foam is a unique solution that is used as a “pre-cleaning” technique. Once sprayed onto the car, you simply wait for the soap to get to work and then rinse it off. It is that easy and prevents the risk of causing damage to your paintwork.

There are hundreds of different lances available but you will want one that it long lasting. Many of the cheap examples use plastic components that simply shatter under pressure. The best options are those that use stainless steel or brass components for maximum durability.

Below is a list of the best snow foam lances that are suitable for a range of pressure washers and can be adjust to produce thick foam.

The Best Snow Foam Lance

1. Pro-Kleen SnowPro Foam Lance

The Pro-Kleen snow foam package includes both a lance and solution that produces thick foam. The attachment is designed to be used with all Karcher K series models but the brand also produce alternatives for other pressure washers.

In terms of the build quality of the lance, it uses a solid brass manifold with a strong plastic nozzle for maximum durability.

Other features of the Pro-Kleen SnowPro include:

  • Compatible with K2, K3, K4, K5, K6 and K7 models
  • Adjustable spray nozzle to adjust the spray
  • Maximum pressure of 160 bar
  • 1 litre bottle for the soap mixture
  • Maximum temperature of 60 degrees

Overall, the Pro-Kleen SnowPro is the best snow foam lance for Karcher K series pressure washers. The brands dedicated lance (as shown below) is a cheaper alternative but it simply does not have the superior build quality of this snow foam lance.
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2. AutoBrite Snow Foam Lance

Autobrite produce a range of lances with specific connectors for the majority of pressure washers. This lance in particular is designed for the Nilfisk models and is constructed of a solid brass manifold construction with a plastic nozzle.

Other features of the AutoBrite Nilfisk Snow Foam Lance include:

  • Maximum pressure of 200 bar
  • Variable spray nozzle
  • Includes a 500 ml Magifoam soap
  • Heavy duty 1 litre bottle
  • Compatible with multiple Nilfisk models

The AutoBrite snow foam lance is very similar to the Pro-Kleen above but with a different connector. If you own a Nilfisk pressure washer, the AutoBrite lance is the best option and will not disappoint.
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3. Detailers United Snow Foam Cannon

Another popular snow foam lance is produced by the Detailers United brand. It follows the same solid construction of both the Pro-Kleen and Autobrite alternatives but the brand also provide a 12 month warranty. This shows how confident they are that their snow foam lance will be long lasting.

Features of the Detailers United Snow Foam Lance include:

  • Compatible with Karcher pressure washers
  • Variable spray nozzle
  • Maximum pressure of 200 bar
  • 2 piece solid brass construction
  • Adjustable chemical dial

Overall, the Detailers United snow foam lance is an excellent all-rounder that offers great value for money too. Unlike many of the alternatives, it has a lengthy warranty, which provides you with peace of mind as lances are known for breaking easily.
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4. Karcher Snow Foam Lance

Karcher themselves produce a dedicated snow foam lance for all their pressure washers that range from the K2 to the K7 model. Due to the big brand, it is one of the most popular lances in the UK but this is mainly due to its low price.

Features of the Karcher HJ6 Foam Jet include:

  • 0.6 litre transparent bottle
  • Adjustable detergent dosage
  • Variable spray nozzle
  • Direct fit to Karcher pressure washers
  • All plastic construction

Although this is the official Karcher snow foam lance, it is not the best option. Due to the smaller bottle and lack of brass or stainless steel components, it may become inconvenient and easily break. However, it one of the cheapest available, which is quite surprising considering that it is a Karcher product.
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5. Nilfisk Super Foam Sprayer

Nilfisk also produced their own snow foam lance like the Karcher above but unfortunately it has the same drawbacks. Without the stainless steel or brass components, you will have to be careful whilst using it to avoid any early damage.

The Nilfisk snow foam lance has the smallest bottle size at 0.5 litres, which can be frustrating as you may be refilling it regularly. However, it is the cheapest lance within this article and produced by a reputable brand.

Other features of the Nilfisk Super Foam Sprayer include:

  • Adjustable dosing
  • Easy access to the filter
  • Works with the majority of Nilfisk pressure washers
  • Lightweight due to the smaller bottle
  • Produces dense foam

Overall, it is a cheap snow foam lance that is perfect for those that want to experience snow foam without spending too much. Although the bottle size is small at just 0.5 litres, the brand claim that it uses 30% less detergent than their previous sprayer.
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Snow Foam Lance Buying Guide

Use thick white foam to lift the dirt from your car has become very popular over the last few years. The main benefit is that it is safer as it reduces the chances of swirl marks and other light surface scratches. It is also great fun and allows you to take great photos of your car too.

In order to begin using a lance, you will require compatible pressure washer. There are some alternatives that can be used with a garden hose but we recommend avoiding them. They simply do not produce enough pressure to produce thick foam, which make it virtually pointless.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding snow foam lances.

Best Car Snow Foam


One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a lance is whether it is compatible with your pressure washer. There are unique connectors that brands use for adding specific attachments.

All snow foam lance manufacturers state the brand of pressure washer that it is compatible with. Some brands will even include a lance for all the of main brands that include Karcher, Nilfisk, Bosch and a few others.

How to use a Snow Foam Lance?

Once you have found a lance that is the best fit for your requirements, you will want to begin using it straightaway. To help you on your way, follow the 7 steps below.

  1. Use the pressure washer to remove tough dirt beforehand.
  2. Fill the bottle with the snow foam car wash shampoo.
  3. Connect the lance to your pressure gun.
  4. Adjust the air intake and nozzle to the amount of foam you require.
  5. Spray the whole car evenly.
  6. Allow to dwell for at least 5 minutes.
  7. Rinse the foam from the car.

Whilst you are spraying your car with foam, its important that you don’t let it dry on the car. The soap mixture that you are using should state a specific dwell time on the bottle and its advised to stay close to the dwell time.

After you have finished using the lance, its recommended that you empty the bottle with clean water and clear the nozzle. This helps keep the filter clean of any excess foam left inside of the bottle.

Producing Thicker Foam

All of the above recommendations have the ability to adjust the thickness of the foam. This is made possible by altering the water and air intake, which allows you to adjust the thickness.

Reducing the amount of water and increasing the air intake will create thicker foam. It will use more of the mixture but is far more satisfying and looks great during the dwelling process.

Best Snow Foam

Adjusting The Spray Pattern

Another desirable feature is being able to adjust the nozzle of the lance to spray wide or narrow foam.

The benefit is that it allows you to spray large vehicles (vans or lorries) far quicker with a wide spray but also target precise areas around the car with a narrow spray.


Snow foam lances are known for breaking easily and manufacturers have since improved the design. Improvements include brass and stainless steel components as well as hardened plastic bottles to hold the mixture.

Damage often occurs at the top of the opening in the form of cracking due to the pressure going through the bottle. Plastic threaded bottles can also cause problems as they can also strip through, which makes them unusable.


Adding a snow foam lance to your car washing equipment is a great investment. Not only are they great fun to use but they also improve your car wash technique as it reduces the risk of swirl marks.

All of our recommendations are suitable for a range of budgets and work with the majority of pressure washers. We advise that you choose one with brass components as it will be far more long lasting.

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