The Best Tyre Inflator 2021

The tyres on your car are the only contact you have with the road and they must be maintained appropriately. Investing into a car tyre inflator will allow you to correctly set the PSI for optimum performance from your tyres.

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Best Car Tyre Inflator
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Tyre inflators are available in all shapes and sizes but the best option for the average motorist is a portable unit with a digital display. They allow you to set the PSI and automatically switches off once inflated to the correct pressure.

The best tyre inflator is the Ring RAC635, which is an award winning device that has an intuitive digital display and a range of features that make it easy to use.

Driving on tyres with incorrect pressures can cause abnormal tyre wear and poor handling. Many car manufacturers use tyre pressure monitoring systems to improve safety and by owning a tyre inflator, you can react immediately.

Car Tyre Inflator Comparison

Car Tyre InflatorTypeDisplay
Ring RAC63512V CompressorDigital
TIRETEK RX-i12V CompressorDigital
Oasser Recharable Li-ionCordlessDigital
VonHaus Handheld PumpCordlessDigital
AA Digital12V CompressorDigital
P.I. Auto StoreDual PowerAnalogue
Ring RAC750Mains CompressorAnalogue
Ring RAC61012V CompressorAnalogue

As with most technology, tyre inflators have improved massively over the years. They are more portable and can inflate tyres to a range of different PSI ratings far more quickly.

Using a digital tyre inflator is the preferred option compared with the analogue alternative. Not only are they easier to read but they often include additional features such as automatic switch off, LED torch and much more.

Below is a list of the best tyre inflators that are easy to use, inflate fast and include a range of intuitive features.

The Best Car Tyre Inflator

1. Ring RAC635 Digital Tyre Inflator

Ring are known for their WiFi doorbell but they also produce a range of other products such as this digital tyre inflator. The RAC635 model is an award winning unit that features everything that you could ever wish for in a tyre inflator.

To ensure that you can reach all four tyres, the RAC635 uses a 3.5 metre power cable and 70CM hose.

Other features of the Ring RAC635 Digital include:

  • Automatic switch off to stop inflation at a preset PSI
  • LED light with three different settings
  • Maximum pressure of 100 PSI
  • Weighs 1.16 KG
  • Includes adapters for other applications

Ring Automotive claim that this inflator will inflate a car tyre in under 3 minutes, which is fairly impressive. Overall, it is the best tyre inflator that combines performance with value for the money.
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2. TIRETEK RX-i Portable Tyre Inflator

Another premium digital tyre inflator is the TIRETEK RX-i model, which uses a heavy duty construction. Unlike many of the alternatives, it even offers two USB charging ports, which can be very useful for charging other devices.

To reduce noise levels, this tyre inflator uses the latest noise eliminating technology and rubber feet for a quieter inflation.

Other features of the TIRETEK RX-i Portable Inflator include:

  • 5 different adapters for other applications
  • 18 inch built-in hose
  • 9 feet long power cord
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Deluxe storage case
  • Reinforced nylon housing
  • PSI, BAR, KPA or KG/CM units

Overall, it is an excellent all-round portable tyre inflator with an intuitive display that make its easier to use. Although it is slightly more expensive than the Ring RAC635, it does come with a storage box and a 1 year warranty.
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3. Oasser Digital Cordless Tyre Inflator

A more convenient method of inflating your tyres is to use a cordless tyre inflator, such as this Oasser inflator. Without the need of any power cords, you can roam around the car far more easily and inflate tyres to a maximum of 130 PSI.

It uses a built-in rechargeable 2,200 mAh lithium battery to power the inflator. The brand claim it can fully inflate a flat tyre in 6 minutes and you can connect it to a cigarette lighter socket for extra power.

Other features of the Oasser Cordless Tyre Inflator include:

  • Easy to use cordless unit
  • Weighs just 1.35 KG
  • LCD display with switchable units
  • Pressure pre-set ability
  • Fully recharges in 4 hours
  • Multiple accessories
  • LED torch light
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

If setting up the wires is an issue with regular inflators, the cordless alternative by Oasser is the best option. It does come with a premium price tag but it comes with a long warranty and a guarantee for 30 days.
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4. VonHaus Cordless Tyre Inflator

Another popular cordless tyre inflator is by the VonHaus brand. It uses a rechargeable 12V 1,500 mAh Lithium ion battery that is easy to attach and remove for charging.

The LED light of this unit is a standout feature due to its large output of 450 Lumens. This allows you to light up the tyres but also use it as a standard mechanics torch.

Other features of the VonHaus Cordless Car Tyre Inflator include:

  • Intuitive LCD display
  • Pre-set and auto-shut off functionality
  • Max pressure of 125 PSI
  • Built-in LED torch
  • Weighs 1.2 KG
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Includes a 2 year warranty

Overall, it is a cheaper cordless tyre inflator compared with the Oasser model above but it does lack in power. However, the integrated LED light that also doubles up as a red hazard light can be very useful in certain situations.
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5. AA 12V Digital Tyre Inflator

The AA digital car tyre inflator is a popular option that comes with adaptors for inflating others products. However, its been designed primarily to inflate car tyres with a choice of pressure settings such as PSI, KPA and BAR.

In terms of using this car tyre inflator, you simply pre-set the required pressure, switch the compressor on and it will automatically stop at the required value.

Other features of the AA 12V Air Compressor include:

  • Easy to use with a screw stem fixing
  • Clear digital display
  • PSI, KPA or BAR pressure readings
  • LED lamps with three settings
  • 3 metre plug cord
  • Weighs 0.8 KG
  • Maximum pressure of 100 PSI
  • Additional adaptors for other inflatables

The AA 12V air compressor offers great value for the money and is backed by the highly reputable AA brand. It ticks all the boxes and is perfect for sitting in the boot of your car until required.
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6. P.I. Auto Store Portable Tyre Inflator

Access to a 12V power supply is not always possible and the best alternative would be to use mains power. This is where the P.I. Auto Store inflator becomes very desirable with its dual power (12V or 240V) functionality become very useful.

Although it lacks the desirable digital display and is only able to inflate to 100 PSI, the dual power design makes up for it.

Other features of the P.I. Auto Store Inflator include:

  • New and improved quiet motor
  • Heavy duty housing
  • Total reach of 3.6 metres
  • Includes a storage case and adapters
  • Power inflation at 30 litres per minute
  • Ergonomic carrying handle

Overall, it is a versatile car tyre inflator that is easy to use and can be used for a range of applications. It is expensive and lacks some functionality but you will struggle to find a dual powered alternative that beats this unit.
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7. Ring RAC750 230V Mains Tyre Inflator

If you require a mains tyre inflator that packs plenty of power, the Ring RAC750 is the best option. It is capable of inflating a flat tyre in under two minutes with a maximum pressure rating of 250 PSI.

With an inflation rate of 41 litres per minute, it is one of the most powerful car tyre inflators available.

Other features of the Ring RAC750 Mains Powered Inflator include:

  • Power cable length of 1.8 metres
  • Extra long air line cable
  • Flexible hose and air tight valve
  • Carrying case and adapters included
  • Analogue gauge with PSI, bar and KG/CM2 units

Overall, it is the best option for garage or home use and is the most powerful unit within this article. However, it does lack a digital display and a LED light but this may not be an issue.
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8. Ring RAC610 12V Tyre Inflator

If you require a cheap tyre inflator that is built by a reputable brand, the Ring RAC610 is ideal. It is the cheapest model that the brand produce with a basic design and analogue display.

Although it is a budget option, it is still a very capable car tyre inflator. Ring claim that it will inflate a 13 inch tyre to 35 PSI in just 4.5 minutes.

Other features of the Ring RAC610 12V include:

  • Plugs straight into a 12V socket
  • Simply to use with just one button
  • Multiple accessories included
  • 2.9 metre power cable and 48 CM hose
  • Lightweight at just 0.73 KG

Overall, it is an affordable car tyre inflator that is easy to use and built by the reputable Ring brand. It is by far the most popular unit available and due to the low cost, it is ideal for simply leaving inside your car.
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Car Tyre Inflator Buying Guide

Old tyre inflators used to be a real pain to setup and were slow to inflate the tyres. However, the latest range of devices have overcome these issues with intuitive digital displays and extra functionality.

Driving with tyres that are not inflated to the correct PSI can cause abnormal tyre wear and handling issues. Keeping them inflated to the manufacturers specification is highly advised.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below guide regarding tyre inflators.

Best Tyre Inflator

12V Socket vs Cordless vs Mains

Most manufacturers offer a range of portable tyre inflators that can be powered by different methods. The most common type is one that is powered by a 12V socket/cigarette lighter via a long power cord. They are usually the cheapest and come with a range of additional features.

Cordless powered alternatives are becoming more popular as you have the freedom of movement without the need to worry about wires. They come with a range of features but you must remember to keep the battery charged up.

The mains powered tyre inflator is the least common but is often the most powerful type, which can be extended via an extension cable.

Analogue vs Digital Display

The option between the classic analogue display with dials or the modern digital display is dependent upon your personal preference. Some people find it far easier to read dials with multiple unit readings at once rather than a digital display.

Using a digital tyre inflator is the most popular as it often comes with additional features. These include the ability to switch between units, automatic shut-off via preset values and much more.

Hose and Power Cord Length

There is nothing worse than the inflator not being able to reach all four wheels from the 12V socket. If you own a large vehicle, you will want to check that the hose and power cord length is long enough to avoid disappointment.


Due to the improvement in car tyre inflator technology, there is plenty of automated features built into the devices. The automatic shut-off is one of the best features as it stops the inflation process once it reaches a pre-set pressure. This prevents over inflating your tyres and allows you to do something else whilst waiting for the tyre to inflate.

Inflation Time

Depending upon the power of the compressor will depend upon the amount of time it takes to inflate a tyre. Some manufacturers state the amount of time it may take but many may not work with large tyres used on 4×4’s or trucks.

What Tyre Pressure?

The tyre pressure that you should use for your car will be specified by the manufacturer. As you can see in the image below, the pressure should reflect upon the weight in the car and the tyres that are used. You will be able to find the correct tyre pressures for your car by checking the user manual, side of the drives door or in the fuel filler cap.

best cordless tyre inflator

Portable Design and Storage

Most tyre inflators will weigh less than 2KG but this doesn’t mean that they will be easy to store and carry around. You will want to ensure that the portable tyre inflator you choose has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip.

Another important factor is the size because you will want to be able to store it inside the car or within the garage.

Pressure Units

As shown in the image above, there are many units used to measure pressure. The most commonly used in PSI but others include bar and KG/CM2. The majority of premium tyre inflators will allow you to switch between different units to suit your requirements.

If you are unable to switch the unit, you can use a calculator to determine the correct tyre pressure for your car.

Price and Warranty

The cheaper tyre inflators may seem tempting but we advise purchasing those with extra features and adapters. The automatic shut-off is a desirable feature that is found in most premium options and we highly recommend. You should also consider the warranty as many cheaper alternatives may not provide any whatsoever, which could be an issue.


Ensuring that you have the correct tyre pressures is vital before any journey. Thanks to modern technology, most modern vehicles are fitted with tyre pressure monitoring system to notify us straight away. This means that as soon as you receive an error message, you can instantly correct the pressure with a tyre inflator.

All of the recommendations above are suited to a range of budgets and can be powered by a variety of methods. The AA state that you should check your tyres every week to ensure they are correctly inflated. Investing into one of the recommendations in this article make this task much easier.

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