The Best USB Wall Socket UK 2021

Installing a USB wall socket allows you to charge compatible electronic gadgets straight from the socket. They are direct replacement for standard UK faceplates that are already on your wall and are available in a wide range of designs.

Best USB Wall Socket

Installation of a USB wall socket has become increasingly more popular in UK homes. Due to the significant increase in gadgets using USB charging, they can help free up available sockets and even increase the charging speed.

The best USB wall socket is the BG Electrical K337, which has a polished chrome finish and two 2.1A USB ports.

USB Wall Socket Comparison

USB Wall SocketUSB AmperageFinish
BG Electrical K3372 x 2.1APolished Chrome
BG Electrical 822U32 x 3.1AStandard/White
Knightsbridge Fast Charge2 x 4.0AStandard/White
Livolo Outlet2 x 2.1AHardened Glass
Luceco LEXS30W30-012 x 2.1ABrushed Satin Steel
Bay City Electrical2 x 4.2AStandard/White
Mega Socket Charger1 x 2.1A & 1 x 1.0APolished Black Nickel

An important factor to consider when choosing between the various USB sockets is the amperage. The higher amperage rating will result in a higher flow of electricity, which means faster charging. To avoid any potential damage, most sockets use an intelligent charging circuitry, which automatically sets the maximum amperage for optimum charging.

Below is a list of the best USB wall chargers that are direct replacements for standard UK faceplates.

The Best USB Wall Socket

1. BG Electrical Polished Chrome USB Wall Socket

The BG Electrical brand produce the widest range of USB wall sockets and this K337 model is their most rated. It has a sleek and slim design with rounded edges and a polished finish, which looks great installed to any wall.

Other features of the BG Electrical K337 include:

  • 2 x type A outlets
  • 2 x 2.1A USB ports
  • 25 mm boxing depth
  • Auto detects the USB device
  • Standby mode once device is fully charged
  • Protective overloaded functionality
  • White inserts with visible screws

The K337 USB wall socket by BG Electrical is a smart looking option that can installed anywhere in the house. The only drawback is that it does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.
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2. BG Electrical Smart USB Wall Charger

If you aren’t interested in a chrome finished wall socket, the BG Electrical brand offer a more affordable alternative in plain white. It has two integrated USB ports that are rated at 3.1 amp and two type 2 outlets.

Although the 822U3 model is cheaper than the more expensive K337, it actually has a higher amperage USB port (3.1A) for faster charging.

Other features of the BG Electrical 822U3 include:

  • Mounting depth of 25 mm
  • 13 amp socket
  • White rounded edge design
  • Colour coded captive screw terminals
  • Supplied with screw covers
  • Standby mode and auto detection

The BG Electrical 822U3 USB wall sockets combine performance with value for the money. They are also backed by the reputable brand that produce a wide range of sockets to best suit your requirements.
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3. Knightsbridge Fast Charge USB-C Wall Charger

For smartphones or tablets that support USB-C charging, you can benefit from fast charging. Although compatible phones can be charged via any USB wall sockets, those with a USB-C port can offer much faster charging. Knightsbridge are one of the first brands in the UK to offer a wall socket with a USB-C port and have done so with great success.

In terms of the charging performance, the brand state that it’s capable of charging up to 3x faster than standard chargers.

Other features of the Knightsbridge Fast Charge include:

  • USB C (3A) + A (2A) ports
  • Switches between 5V, 9V and 12V
  • Choice of front panel and insert colours
  • Built-in power saving mode
  • Short circuit, soft start and thermal protection
  • Automatic charging selection

Although the Knightsbridge USB-C wall socket comes with a premium price tag, it’s worth spending the extra. The fast charging capability along with the built-in safety features make it one of the best sockets available.
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4. Livolo Remote Controlled USB Wall Socket

The Livolo is a unique USB wall socket that can be controlled via a remote control. The futuristic design along with the illuminated switches are stylish and designed to withstand scratches and scaring via the hardened glass front panel.

Other features of the Livolo Outlet include:

  • Tempered glass and poly carbon holder
  • Available in black or white
  • Uses an intelligent Microsoft chip
  • Touch and remote controlled
  • 2 x 2.1A USB ports
  • CE certified

The Livolo outlet is a unique and stylish USB wall socket that is something a bit different. Although it comes with a remote, it’s more of a gimmick and you are more than likely going to use the touch buttons.
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5. Luceco LEXS30W30-01 USB Wall Socket

Another affordable USB wall socket is the Luceco LEXS30W30-01, which is finished in the desirable satin brushed steel. In terms of the USB port performance, they are rated at 2.1 amps and it can replace any standard UK socket.

Compared to similar priced alternatives, the brand offer an impressive 25 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the Luceco LEXS30W30-01 include:

  • Brushed satin steel finish with black inserts
  • Dual 2.1A USB ports
  • Standard 25 mm mounting depth
  • Long 25 year warranty
  • Easy replacement for standard UK sockets
  • Suitable for every room in the house

The Luceco USB wall sockets are an excellent all-round option that are much higher quality than you would expect. The fact that it comes with a 25 year warranty is a display of the brands confidence of this socket.
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6. Bay City Electrical USB Port Wall Socket

The twin USB charger socket by Bay City Electrical is designed purely for fast USB charging. Each of the ports are rated at 4.2 amps each and have a dedicated switching for turning them on or off.

Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, this USB wall charger uses separated independent circuits. This means that each port is capable of 4.2A and its not shared between the two ports.

Other features of the Bay City Electrical Socket include:

  • Twin USB ports with no outlets
  • Automatically selects powered that is required
  • Compatible with most USB powered devices
  • Unique 1 amp low blow fuse
  • Separated independent circuits
  • No complex wiring required
  • CE and RoHS certified

Overall, the Bay City Electrical USB wall charger is a high performing option that the brand states is also one of the safest on the market. This is mainly due to the built-in safety features and unique 1 amp blow fuse.
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7. Mega Socket Double USB Wall Charger

The Mega Socket double USB wall socket is a highly quality solution that is finished in a polished black nickel. The modern design will compliment any room and it’s CE approved and meets all the latest UK standards.

Other features of the Mega Socket Charger include:

  • 2 x 13A sockets
  • 2 x USB ports (1A & 2.1A)
  • 27 mm mounting depths
  • Screwless installation
  • Individually switched
  • Polished black nickle finish
  • Black inserts

The Mega Socket is a cheap yet high quality USB wall socket that has a stylish design and meets all the latest UK standards. The only drawback is that the ports are not as powerful as some of the alternatives, which may result in slower charging.
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USB charging is a requirement of many electronic gadgets in the UK. Therefore, many people are replacing their standard faceplates with USB wall sockets, which help to free up sockets and even provide faster charging. All of our recommendations are suited to a range of budgets and include multiple finishes to best suit your requirements.

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