How To Deal And Prevent Damp In Caravans

The smell or sight of damp in caravans often means trouble and its something all caravan owners dread. To help you stop and prevent damp from spreading within your caravan, we have put together the below guide that all caravan owners can follow.

how to fix caravan damp wall damage

The majority of damp in caravans occurs during the colder and wetter winter months and is spread further when the caravan is left standing. Regardless if the caravan is new or old, damp can spread easily and much quicker than you would expect. Spotting any early stages of caravan damp can be very beneficial and help reduce any costs of repairs.

How To Spot Areas of Damp

Whether you have left your caravan standing for a while or looking at purchasing a second hand caravan, being able to stop the damp can save you thousands in repairs. Some of the most noticeable signs of damp in caravans include:

  • Musty or boggy smell inside of the caravan
  • Dark or wet patches upon the walls or floor
  • Black residue around windows and rooflights
  • Slightly blue/pink staining upon the walls
  • Sponge-like feeling to the flooring

One of the best ways to find areas of damp in caravans is to invest into a caravan damp meter. They are able to measure the level of water in the air and provide early warning signs that their is damp present within the caravan.

The acceptable damp levels in caravans is any reading below 15% but if there is anything more than 15%, you may want to investigate further.

How To Fix Damp in Caravans

Depending upon the severity of the damp will determine the method of fixing it. For example, if there are patches of mould and mildew, you may be able to treat it in a matter of minutes with some caravan cleaning products.

The expensive repairs come when the timber of the caravan has been affected. This is due to the fact that the wood will need to be completely dried out and then re-sealing afterwards. You may also need to use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture within the caravan after the wood is completely dried out.

If the damp has been caused by cracks or improper seals, you will also need to patch in the source of the leak. The roof is often a prime suspect and can be repaired using a dedicated caravan roof sealant.

How To Prevent Caravan Damp

Keeping your caravan damp-free is fairly straightforward as long as you follow some easy preventive measures. One of the worst offenders for causing damp is not allowing enough ventilation to enter the caravan. You will want to try and keep the windows open where possible to allow fresh air in. During the winter, you can run a heater or air fan to keep it as dry as possible inside.

Another common mistake is leaving the caravan to sit for too long without checking up on it for any signs of damp. If you are unable to regularly checkup on the caravan, a breathable caravan cover is highly recommended.

Other ways to prevent caravan damp include:

  • Avoid drying your clothes inside of the caravan
  • When showering or boiling water, open the window slightly
  • Wipe down any condensation
  • Soak up any excess moisture with dehumidifier crystals

If you are worried about damp inside of your caravan, a dedicated damp meter is highly advised. Not only does it provide you with complete peace of mind but if you do find any damp, it allows you to act sooner rather than later.


When it comes to caravan damp, prevention is far more effective than curing it. Keeping the caravan damp-free is fairly straightforward and by following the preventive measures above, you can easily avoid any expensive repair bills.

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