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Whether you are a DIY enthusiasts or a professional tradesmen, owning the correct tools for the job makes all the difference. Our aim is to provide the latest reviews, guide and tutorials relating to DIY materials and tools. This allows you to make an informed buying decision when it comes to purchasing products for your home improvement project or profession.

Below are all of our guides, reviews and tutorials that related to the DIY & Tools industry in the UK.

How To Remove Wallpaper

The removal of old wallpaper is something that we all hate to do but is essential before refreshing the room with new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. However, below we show you how to remove wallpaper with ease and minimal fuss.

What Tools Are Needed For Tiling

Tiling projects not only take plenty of planning but you will also need the correct tiling tools and equipment to make the job go smoothly. Whether you are tiling a kitchen or bathroom, we have a handy tiling tools guide to help get you all setup.

Best Chainsaw Sharpener UK

Chainsaw teeth eventually become worn down after extended use but they can be easily restored using a chainsaw sharpener. They are available as a manual, electric or power tool attachment kit, which are suitable for all types and sizes.

Best Cordless Chainsaw UK

Compared to a petrol alternative, the cordless chainsaw is easier to use, lighter, quieter and is maintenance-free. They are battery powered and the latest batteries offer improved aH ratings, which allows the chainsaws to run for far longer.

Best Impact Drivers

The purpose of an impact driver is to drive large fasteners and uses rotational blow to deliver extra torque. They are available as cordless or corded units with many of the premium options using a powerful brushless motor.

Best Mitre Saw

Mitre saws are the best tool to use for making quick but accurate crosscuts at selected angles, bevels or angled bevels. Depending upon your requirements, most are portable and can be mounted to a bench, table or leg stand.

Best Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are versatile power tools that are best used for cutting, grinding or sanding various materials. They are available as corded or battery powered cordless units where most use a 115mm diameter disc for operation.

Best Electric Chainsaw

Unlike the petrol equivalent, an electric chainsaw is quieter, easier to use, lightweight and best used for domestic outdoor maintenance tasks. As long as you are happy being connected to a power cable, they are the most cost effective solution.

Best Telescopic Ladders

Purchasing a quality telescopic ladder is an investment that you won’t regret because they are so versatile. They are able to expand in length of over 5 metres but also collapse down into a compact size for easy storage into a cupboard or car boot.

Best Electric Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are an essential tool for most DIY tasks but upgrading to an electric screwdriver offers multiple advantages. The main benefits include convenience, less effort to drill screws, improved efficiency, variable speeds and much more.

Best Table Saw UK

The best tool for precisely cutting a range of materials in a number of different cuts is a table saw. They consist of a fixed blade that protrudes out of the table and a blade that pulls the material towards it, which allows for accurate cutting.

Best Pressure Washer UK

For tackling tough dirt upon your patio, decking or car, a pressure washer is an essential tool. They are mostly powered by an electric motor but many brands offer petrol or cordless alternatives. Below we roundup the best for all types of cleaning.