Bathrooms are present in pretty much all properties with some being far superior than others. There is a high demand for quality appliances, materials and other products used within the bathroom.

Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom extractor fan or need to reseal a surface, our reviews will help you choose the best. Below you will be able to find all of the reviews relating to bathrooms in the UK.

Best Mixer Shower

A mixer shower is more modern in design and works with any plumbing system as long as there is a hot water supply. They also offer more functionality and don’t have any plastic housing for covering any heating elements.

Best Toilet Seat

A toilet seat is available in many shapes or sizes to suit your requirements. Buying the correct style will either make or break the design of your bathroom. They vary in price but spending slightly more ensures that its made to high standards.

Best Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are essential for those that want to monitor their weight with a choice of mechanical, digital and smart scales available. The best are packed full of technology that tracks and monitors several body measurements.

Best Shower Speaker

Purchasing a shower speaker will be the best decision you’ll make if you enjoy singing along in the shower. They are completely waterproof and allow you to use Bluetooth to steam music or listen to your favourite radio stations.

Best Shower Head

Replacing your shower head with some of the best available will transform your showering experience. There are several different types on the market that offer various benefits and take seconds to install with universal connectors.

Best Power Shower

Installing a power shower in a house with low water pressure can transform your showering experience. They have an integrated pump that boosts the flow of water through the shower head, which is far better than a trickle of water.

Best Bathroom Sealant

To prevent the build-up of mould and mildew within a wet environment in your home, you will require a bathroom sealant. They contain fungicides to prevent the growth of bacteria and provide a waterproof seal in areas of high condensation.

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan

The purpose of a bathroom extractor fan is to remove unpleasant odours and moisture from the air. It is an essential ventilation appliance that is installed to bathrooms with some of the best models featuring over run timers, humidistat functionality and more.

Best Electric Shower

An electric shower functions by feeding cold water through the system, which heats it up before outputting the water through the shower head. To maintain a high pressure at a higher temperature, you will require a higher kilowatt electric shower.