How To Clean Patio Slabs

If you want to keep your patio looking at its best, regular cleaning is highly recommended. Within this article, we walk you through the steps required to clean patio slabs with or without a pressure washer along with before and after results.

Concrete or Wooden Fence Posts?

If your current garden fence has seen better days and you are ready to replace it, you will have the choice of using concrete or wooden fence posts. Within this article, we discuss both in great detail along with the pro’s and con’s of each.

How To Clean & Remove Green Algae From A Fence

Without regular cleaning, your wooden fence can begin to turn green overtime as it becomes a home to algae and mildew. However, we show you how to clean your fence with ease using a pressure washer or scrubbing it with a brush and bleach.

How To Clean Block Paving

Cleaning your block paving driveway can be achieved using a number of methods where each aim to restore the finish to its original state. Within this article, we walk you through how to clean your block paving with or without a pressure washer.